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Half A World Away

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Half A World Away


Ava knew that he was surrounded by photos he had enlarged to grace the elegant walls of his home. He had been to everyplace she could see in the paintings and pictures behind him. She also knew there were scads of women who would kill to be his girlfriend, his lover, or even just the recipient of his attention for a short while. Most of all, Ava knew she was one of the many… but, perhaps, a special one to Master Kane.


They used Skype almost every night. Though he was half a world away, she wanted to know everything about the personal world he lived in, and wished to re-experience Piccadilly and its shops with him. Once, he had lifted the camera to show her the view from his window. The neon signs and lights had her mesmerized and longing to be there.


They met at Shaftesbury Monument Memorial Fountain. She was unaware that she was the subject of several photos he took that day, and had no clue about what he longed to do to her then and there. He had mailed her the photos just today; their one year anniversary of meeting.


They met when Ava was in Westminster on vacation. While she had always known that her’s was a submissive nature, she knew nothing of the BDSM world. Over the past year, Master Kane had shown, and taken Ava to, places she had never dreamed existed, but the place she liked best was in his arms. Still, she admitted to herself that subspace had been one worth revisiting over and over as well.


Though he had introduced himself as Dillon Kane, he was Master since their first night together. He had made it clear that theirs would be a Dominant/submissive relationship. She definitely hadn’t expected to be wearing his collar, but he had collared her in their first week together. Ava was fascinated by all of it, her surroundings, the sounds and smells, every emotion he awakened in her, until she had made the mistake of calling him Dillon.


He had arched one brow, ordered her over his knee, and hiked up her skirt without ceremony. Then he grabbed her red, plastic hairbrush and spanked her until her bottom nearly matched the hairbrush. Even as tears fell, Ava was filled with a heat that rushed from her cheeks to her center, making her beg for orgasm.


Master Kane had toyed with her then, dragging the flat side of the brush over her burning ass cheeks, making her wait and wonder while he asked,
“What do you call me, my sweet sub?”


“Master,” she whimpered, “Master Kane!”


Slowly he caressed the inside of her thighs until his fingers found her wetness. He drove his fingers into her with one hand, while the other smacked her red cheeks hard with the brush. Then he wound an arm around her waist to bring her down from tiptoes as he drove into her tightness more deeply. Finally, he scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the bed. They made passionate, incredible love all night long.


Ava sighed, picturing the disappointment she had seen in his eyes that night. She set up her camera and adjusted the Skype settings, knowing that she would give anything to even just have that single night back again.


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The Night Before

The Night Before 9/11

World Trade Center - Evening2

Jane Marie stood in the window of her new home; their new home. It was finally coming together. She was giddy, excited, and exhausted but happy. She grinned into the setting sun, hugging herself tightly thinking “Happy! Finally, happy and content!”


She fixed her gaze on the World Trade Center, wondering about all the people inside, wondering if they were happy; if anyone inside felt as content as she. While lost in thought, she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder as a baritone voice said, “Hello, wife.”


She turned to smile into Marcus’ eyes. “Say it again,” she said, “I still hardly believe it.”


“Believe it,” Marcus responded, “You’re my wife, now and forever. “


He joined her in the window, pulling her into his embrace. He cast his eyes on the tallest building saying, “I’ll be there tomorrow. It’s a better position that will secure our future together. “


Jane Marie argued, “You don’t need a better position. What if it’s too much for you? I’m being promoted at the end of September. You don’t have to do this for me.”

“Nothing is too much for us,” he said happily, “You work insane hours. I want you to be able to walk away with no need to look back.”


Jane Marie thought about her job as a nurse, about her patients and how they looked forward to seeing her. She did too. She tried to compare it to her husband’s happiness, but nothing compared. His happiness was all she wanted.


She turned back to the buildings asking, “Which one?”


“The tallest,” he said with a grin, “The building with the point on top, just about where the cluster of lights are there,” he pointed toward the top of the World Trade Center.


“Magical,” she stated, “The very best one. Majestic, regal, magical… like us, miraculous” she said dreamily.


Marcus adored the fantasies his wife could weave from nothing. Grinning wickedly, he stated as he lifted her into his arms, “I’m going to ravage you magically, majestically, and regally! Come woman,”

Then, in an entirely affectionate tone, he said, “Come, my wife. Let us love like there is no tomorrow.”


Jane Marie laid her head on his shoulder, snuggling closer to him, sighing “Yes.”

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Driveby Angel

Drive-by Angel 



Angel packed her bags, trying to anticipate the change in temperature at her destination. She was sick of this too-small town, sick of everything, and fed up with her beige life. She walked with direct and angry assurance, muttering, 


“Beige! My whole life has been bland, boring, BEIGE!” 


She flung slacks, dresses, heels, jeans, and a variety of tops, into the suitcases haphazardly. She then tossed her bags into the trunk with a single thought. Her wheels laid rubber as she gunned the car onto the street, thinking, 


“I need color and I’ll have it, damn it all!” 


She drove blindly and six hours later, found herself in St. Augustine, without really knowing how she had gotten there. Angel stopped for gas with the breeze catching her long, blonde tresses. She knew she was beautiful. She had always known it. 


Though she was at the self-serve island two men raced from the station, trying to be the first to offer assistance. Angel smiled deviously and stepped from her car. She asked the first man to fill the tank and requested that the second show her to the ladies room.


She immediately learned his name was Davis and looped her arm through his as his eyes bulged, glued to her voluptuous breasts and long, slender legs. He managed to issue a compliment about the importance of a woman being safe when traveling and offered to go in first, to check that it was free of “intruders.” 


Angel stood behind him as he pushed a key into the lock. He was obviously strong, muscular, and maybe just a few sandwiches short of a picnic; her exact type at the moment. 


Davis struggled with the rusty lock as Angel took in her surround-ings. The sky was bright and blue; the sun a huge, yellow gold orb, even the gas station sign was bright red, but her specific interest was the renowned, haunted lighthouse in the distance. She wanted to taste the rainbow even if she had to act like a dolt to get what she wanted. 


Angel maneuvered to hold the door asking, offhandedly as she could make it seem, when he was off work. He informed her that the first attendant was there to replace him for night shift. 


“Listen,” she said, “I’m new in town. Would you be willing to show me some sights?” she asked innocently. 


“Sure! What’s your pleasure,” he queried, not believing his good fortune. 


Angel pointed into the distance saying, “What’s that? Oh! Is it a lighthouse? Let’s go there!” 


Davis, still standing in the door to the restroom, eyed her up and down knowing he could refuse this innocent beauty nothing. 


“Of course,” he said, cautioning about its haunted history, explaining that she should stay close to him, “Just in case.” 


She cast her eyes to the ground feigning nervousness, “Maybe we shouldn’t,” she said softly with mock fear. 


“Oh no, Miss Angel, I’ll protect you,” he offered. 


Angel suppressed a hungry grin and agreed to follow him there. 


Several moments later, they were inside the lighthouse as the heavy door swung shut with an echoing bang. She playfully ran up the winding staircase but Davis was no match for her endurance. By the time he reached the top, Angel was already half-clad. Her crop top lay in a heap as she unzipped her jean shorts. 


He stood drop-jawed, staring at her from silken hair to dainty, bare feet. She closed the distance between them and embraced him, moving her hands to grip his firm, taut ass cheeks and whispered, “Let’s make this a night to remember.” 


She kissed him full on the mouth sucking in his lower lip to run her moist tongue across it and whispered, “Fuck me, Davis. Fuck me like no one ever has.” 


Davis stepped back to review her beauty in a new light. Then he unzipped his pants. Angel closed the step back to bite his neck. He fumbled with removing his pants and she began to lose patience. She fisted his collar and ripped the offending shirt from his back.


Again he took half a step back saying, “Boy, you’re no angel. Are you?” 


She pursued him wordlessly, deliberating about how to answer. She took half a step toward him and leaned down to force his pants from his feet. Then, finally, she asked, 


“Ever fantasized about defiling and fucking an angel’s brains out? Now is your one and only chance, Davis.”


He leaned in to kiss her hard and then scooped up his shirt to spread beneath her. Angel caught his naked body still leaning and pushed him to the ground onto his back. For a brief moment she watched his chest rise and fall heavily.  


“What,” he asked, “What are you doing?” 


Angel didn’t reply. Instead, she bent down on all fours and crawled the short distance to him, knowing he was already mesmerized by the sway of her breasts and perfect proportions.  


She crept between his muscled thighs and sucked his cock into her warm, wet mouth, closing her lips around him hard. Davis let go a groan like she’d never heard before. It was purely animalistic and her pussy went up in flames.


She sucked him in deeply and bobbed her head up and down his cock. His head rolled to the side with eyes closed. Angel stopped abruptly and fisted his balls. 


“I want you to look at me,” she demanded, as she mounted him cowgirl style.  


“Okay! I’m sorry! Okay,” he pleaded, but Angel was having too much fun being the aggressor for once. 


She dragged her wet slit up and down his steely length with her firm breasts swinging just over his mouth, and barely out of reach. Angel started to realize she had a prisoner to her will and found it exhilarating.  


She leaned back into a sitting position and pushed his cock into her tight, fiery cunt, so slowly it would have broken a lesser man. She was well pleased that he hadn’t cum yet, and decided to torture him a little more. 


Suddenly, Davis thrust into her hard and she pulled all the way back until the head of his dick was barely in her. Then she froze, holding him in the grip of a lust so powerful she never wanted to stop, but the sweet, tormenting ache between her thighs was insistent.  


Softly, she stroked his balls with fingertips, titillating both of them even more, as she drank in her new-found power and he grew firmer inside her. Finally she slammed down hard, relishing the feel of his hardness filling her up, and began riding him hard and fast.  


She pushed faster, stronger, and he matched her with powerful thrusts until she threw her head back in abandon, screaming with a raw intensity. Colors exploded behind her eyelids, as she climaxed hard around his throbbing girth. Their cries mingled in the old lighthouse, resounding around them, and in it Angel heard the call of the wild, like a physical pull. 


Davis lay there, eyes closed, breathing hard. He reached to hold her to him but, for her, this was just a drive-by; her first taste of color in the myriad rainbows and flavors to come.  


Angel dressed quickly, kissed him lightly on the cheek, retreated down the stairs, and tossed over her shoulder, “Thanks Davis! You were super” as the door slammed shut with a bang. 



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Young And Impetuous

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Young And Impetuous

St. Petersburg Beach

I met Gavin at John’s Pass. It was kismet, really. We both ducked into a little bar, The Green Iguana, to wait out the usual afternoon rain. We were seated one stool apart.

At first, we both did our best to hide behind our menus, holding them in front of our faces and pretending not to stare. While waiting for service, we peeked at each other through sideways glances and lowered eyelids.

He was all hard-body with a hint of mischievous, teddy bear, in his alarmingly green eyes. I’d never seen eyes that so honestly reflect a man’s thoughts.

Just before dinner was served, he turned to me and asked,

“Drowning your sorrows or waiting out the downpour?”

Cautiously, I replied, “Downpour. You?”

“The same,” he said, “and I hate to drink alone. Join me at a booth?”

I extended my hand, and we happily moved to a quiet, corner table.

I perused the dessert menu, busying myself, even though I wasn’t hungry at all. When I looked up again, he was smiling at me. It was completely unexpected and disarming. His eyes crinkled and I forgot to be self-  conscious in that moment.

We talked amicably, and intimately, as though we had known each other forever. We lost all track of time, getting lost in each other instead.

“I’m not ready for the evening to end yet, are you,” he inquired, obviously unafraid of rejection.

I replied, “Me neither,” with an impish grin.

“St. Pete Beach is just down the road. How about a walk in the surf?”

I readily agreed. Gavin drove, and held my hand the entire time. The only time he let go was to open the car door for me.

I don’t know how many miles we walked before we paused, in a somewhat abandoned area, to watch the huge, red-gold, orb sink into the Gulf of Mexico.

I turned to him just as he turned to face me. With both of us ready to say something, he politely deferred and said,

“Go ahead.”

I told him that every time I witnessed a sunset, as amazing as this; I expected to see and hear steam, rising from the gulf, as though extinguishing the sun.”

He laughed and pulled me into his arms, full body-length, with little space between us. Then he loosened his hold and I smiled up at him, saying,

“You know what we have to do. It’s customary.”

A slow smile spread over his face as the custom dawned on him. In a moment, we were both watching the last, burnt-orange and red, sliver slip into the Gulf. Then we jumped up and down, clapping like a couple of lunatics, laughing, and yelling,

“Yay! Go God! Whoo hoo!”

Gavin pulled me into his embrace, kissing me long and hard, and then pushed me back a step. After what felt like an eternity, his face grew serious as he watched my eyes, studying my face. Without as much as blinking, and said,

“I think He did good this time.”

I crushed Gavin to me and whispered in his ear,

“Me too.”

He held and kissed me, over and over, until night fell, and the moon rose into the star-speckled skyline. With soft, slow movements, he brushed the spaghetti strap on my shirt down to my forearm and offered,

“There’s another custom for young lovers who find themselves on a deserted beach,” then he stopped, waiting for my reaction.

Without need of further words, we helped each other strip. Then we ran into the warm, gulf waters, and made love in the depths, with moonlight sparkling off our bodies. It felt so right, so comfortable, and thrilling, all at once.

We stayed in the circle of our embrace all night long; rolling, pushing, and pulling, as powerfully as the sea. Then he locked his arms behind me, and with both hands firmly clasped, he said softly,

“Marry me, McKella.”

I bit my lip as he pulled me more tightly to him. He held me, like a drowning man gripping a life raft, while I thought of a million reasons not to marry… yet.

I began my reply, whispering softly, “Gavin, this is so sudden. We just met and…”

He pressed his index finger to my lips and whispered, “I know, but hear me out.”

I fell silent as he walked me to the shoreline and placed me on one of two, long- forgotten, deck chairs.

He grabbed his shirt and dried me tenderly, leaving no part of me untouched or unattended to. Then he spoke, looking in my eyes, and straight down into my soul, he explained,

“We’re only young once. We will never have back, the opportunity to be young, in love, and impetuous. Though I may ask a million more times, I want it to be now… this moment. I think, when you know, you really know. I know. Do you?”

I sat up on the deck chair and pulled him into a ferocious hug. I kissed him, lovingly, deeply, passionately, and then gave my reply,

“Yes Gavin. I know, and my answer is yes.”

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Sharon’s Treasure (Part 1)

Sharon’s Treasure


Thurday Thrills - 02282013

Sharon arranged to go to an expensive club with her friend and neighbor, Maya, tonight. Maya just bought a brand new Beamer and was dying to be seen driving the luxurious automobile. Sharon accepted gleefully, knowing she wouldn’t have to drive. She rubbed her palms together as she planned on letting her hair down for once.

At times, she wasn’t quite sure why she and Maya had become fast friends. For all intents and purposes, they were complete opposites. Maya was very well off. Sharon barely made ends meet. Maya loved all things expensive and shiny. Sharon treasured family, friends, and love, above all else, but tonight she was willing to make an exception.

Maya was a wide-eyed, dewy-skinned girl who hid behind too-large sunglasses, lots of makeup, and hair dye, but she pulled it off. Sharon put on a dress that was to die for, with the perfect, matching clutch and heels. Both of them were beautiful in very different ways.

From the moment they found seats at the club, a man in the shadows sent Sharon a drink; a strong one. After three more rounds of the same, he moved from the shadows, self-assuredly, in a direct line to her. He was handsomely chiseled with strong cheek bones, and jet-black hair. Sharon noted that he was wearing a Charcoal Dolce and GabbanaSuit.

Though she lowered her eyes, he held out his hand to her asking,

“May I?”

She looked up all the way from his shoes, which were polished to a high sheen, to his handsome face.

“Ahhh,” she stammered until Maya pretended to adjust her position and pinched her hard on the thigh, “Yes, of course,” Sharon said dutifully.

He held her close on the dance floor. His lead was masculine and wonderfully fluid. She thought back to an occasion when she accepted a dance with a man who was stilted, and likened it to driving a truck.

Finally, he introduced himself,

“I’m Aiden. Very pleased to meet you uhhh,” he paused.

“Sharon,” she blurted, hardly believing he cared what her name was. She couldn’t help thinking that Aiden had chosen the wrong girl.

As the song ended, he dipped her effortlessly and then pulled her to him in a passionate kiss. Already, she was enamored of this man.

They embraced on the now empty dance floor when he finally propositioned her,

“Why don’t you join me for drinks and a night dip in my heated pool,” he asked.

She stood mute in his gaze, disbelieving that this man who looked and smelled so terrific was interested in her.

“But… I ahhh… came with my friend,” she stated resolutely.

Aiden turned to look just as Sharon did. Maya was surrounded by potential suitors, all of whom vied for her attention.

“Come on,” Aiden said, “Warm pool, good drinks, hot Jacuzzi. Are you really going to pass that up,” he asked with an exaggerated said face.

“Okay,” she relented, “Can you take me home a… aft…er,” she stuttered, suddenly realizing she didn’t know what, if anything, came after the pool and Jacuzzi.

Aiden called his chauffer to pull the car around. Sharon was impressed, feeling a little bit like ‘Cinderella,’ and hoping she wouldn’t feel like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ later.”

When the car stopped in front of a small mansion, she thought she might faint. All she could think was.

“Ohhh, I’m in way over my head.”

Seeing her deer-caught-in-headlights expression, Aiden gathered her into his arms.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, Sharon.”

He dismissed the chauffer and quickly led her thru the mansion, stopping only for drinks. She stifled a gasp when he flipped a switch and colorful bulbs lit the patio and pool.

Aiden showed her to a seat in a cushy, lawn chair until she finally stopped him,

“Wait. I don’t have a swimsuit,” she admitted, stunned that she hadn’t thought of that.

Aiden gently pushed her glass to her lips and said,

“Drink up. It makes no difference. I won’t wear one either.”

With that, he stood and pulled his clothes off.

Sharon inhaled her drink quickly and pinched her own wrist.

“Nope,” she thought, “Still Cinderella!”

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Amanda sat on a stool, in a hotel bar that reminded her of her youth. She had gone to places like this voluntarily when she was in her late teens and early twenties. She was scarcely twenty nine now, but that seemed like an eternity ago. She was not necessarily in this meat market voluntarily tonight.

This evening, she had run from her home after finding Joel with her best friend, in the bed they had shared for twelve years. She was unbearably wounded and unbelievably angry. The sight of her naked boyfriend fucking Angie with a driving need he had never shown her, made her stomach pitch.

She had stood there transfixed at the sight of Angie moaning with Joel’s every powerful thrust. Angie’s breasts heaved in rhythm with her moans and gasps. She was obviously in the throes of an ecstasy that Amanda envied. They were so lost in each other that they hadn’t even heard her enter.

Amanda closed her eyes against the images and finished her third Long Island Iced Tea. She had no idea how she drove here. It was such a frenzied blur that she scarcely remembered bolting from the house.

She checked her watch to find that she had been in this small bar for nearly two hours. The night crowd was beginning to pour in and with it; the band started to play.

Angie yelled her order over the too-loud, pulsing, music as ‘a suit’ sat down beside her. She still recognized the men who arrived directly from work looking to get laid.

“’Suits,’” she thought, “still the same, but he looks good… for ‘a suit,’” Amanda surmised as she eyed him cautiously.

Another half hour passed before she noted that he matched her drink for drink, and was getting an eyeful himself.

Amanda was still in her work clothes. She wore slacks that fitted to her form and a new, red, blouse that was cut all the way down to there, with stilettoes that completed the sexy ensemble. She had wanted to surprise Joel tonight and visibly grimaced as the images returned.

Suddenly, ‘the suit’ turned to her and opened his mouth as if to speak, but then he turned away just as suddenly. She swallowed the last of her fourth drink filled with curiosity.

Surely, there wasn’t a pick up line she hadn’t heard and turned down before, but she wondered why he seemed to be working up his nerve so intently, and consuming liquid courage like the bar was sure to run out.

Amanda realized she was inebriated but where was she going to go? “Home,” she asked herself, “Not bloody likely!”

She sniffed angrily, shook her head unconsciously, and slammed the rest of her drink. Still, she was intrigued. She couldn’t shake her curiosity about ‘the suit.’

Amanda nursed her drink until the next time he turned in her direction. She whirled her stool to face him, held ‘the suit’ with a glare and said,

“What? What could you possibly say that would make me consider you,” she spat with more venom than she’d meant to unleash. Amanda turned back to her drink sure that she had shut him down in record time.

Then she felt her stool being forced back to him. ‘The suit” firmly held her shoulder with one hand while the other raised her chin until their eyes met.

His voice was deep and excitedly nervous, but he calmly spoke the words he had been wanting to since he arrived,

“This is not you. Someone did this to you.”

Amanda tried to say something, anything, but he pressed his thumb hard against her lips and continued,

“There is so much you don’t know yet. This is going to sound a little nuts so please just let me say it.”

Amanda quit struggling and finally paused to hear him out.

“You don’t know it yet, but you are the piece of my soul that I’ve been waiting for. You’re beautiful, stunning,” he corrected without pausing, “You’re going to be my world, my everything. I want to hold your hand, give you refuge, safety, and love. You and I… we were destined to be.”

Amanda’s eyes brimmed with tears and she swallowed hard, unable to speak. ‘The suit” went on,

“This isn’t you. You’re not this woman who’s filled with pain.”

She shook her head but he immediately called her bluff,

“A man,” he started, “No. A real man doesn’t claim to love you and then destroy you. You are a loving, kind, and pardon me for saying it bluntly, but the most desirable, profoundly extraordinary, utterly fuckable

woman I’ve ever met. I want you, and I want you in my life right now. Take my hand and come home with me tonight. We’ll pick a chapel first thing tomorrow. We’ll exchange names when you feel safer. Take my hand.”

With tears trickling down her cheeks, Amanda took his hand, knowing that he was everything she had ever prayed for. He wrapped her slight frame into his arms and steered her through the crowd and out the door.

They arrived at his gorgeous home in less than twenty minutes. He put her in front of the warm glow of the fireplace, not letting her go for a second.  She relaxed into his arms, hugging her knees to hide her face while she wept. It was the strangest, most overwhelming, mix of emotions she had ever experienced.

At last, Amanda knew with certainty that she would love this man forever, and she would never have to be fearful again.
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