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After Burn 2

Part 2

Ellie 2.3


Ellie raced to the powder room nearly forgetting her purse and was relieved to find it unoccupied. She pulled her makeup bag from her purse and dragged a chair to the mirror. She sat with the brush in hand when a thousand memories returned.

She fought it, insistently sliding the brush across the blush and attempted to apply it, but concentration didn’t stop the deluge. She checked her reflection but failed to see it. Instead, she saw Ryker kiss her for the first time and her heart still skipped a beat.

Again she tried to drag herself out of it. She rifled through her bag and found the hairbrush. She removed several pins holding her hair in a braided upsweep and smoothed it with her hand when she recalled the time he had run his fingers through it, caressing her hair until she fell asleep. It was the first time they had made love.

She lowered her hand staring into the mirror but only seeing the moments with him, replaying in mind as they hadn’t in a long time. With a tear rolling down her cheek, she remembered. With the last of her determination bested, she saw him fist her hair and kiss her gently, walking her backwards.

Ellie still couldn’t pin down the exact moment she gave in to him. He kissed her until thought became feral desire. All else disappeared and fulfillment was all that mattered. They were crazed that night. Ryker fumbled with the zipper at the back of her dress and then lifted her off her feet. She began to protest when her back hit the wall and he gripped her wrists in one hand.

“I thought,” she started.

“Don’t think,” he cut her off, “just feel” and lifted her dress as she wrapped her legs around him. He deepened a kiss that made her head reel and his member entered her, hard and fast. She gripped his shoulders not realizing she had dug her nails into him. He slowed the pace, caressing her cheek until the heat and wetness between her thighs grew insistent. Ellie threw her head back in abandon, wanting harder and faster.

He cupped her tight little ass, pulled her against him and carried her to the enormous bed. He lay her down gently, still standing at the edge as she tried to squirm back further, suddenly needing some sense of propriety. He raked her naked flesh with his gaze and caught her beneath the knees to pull her back down with legs straddling him.

Smiling in the darkness, Ryker dropped to his knees and kissed her delicate feet, ankles, and shins, breathing hotly against her, sending shivers through her. He could tell she was anxious as she lifted her hips, squirming anxiously, and he made her wait another minute until he had to feast at her apex.

Ellie let squeals and gasps escape that she never heard and her wanton delight spurred him on like nothing he had known before. He kissed her stomach while lightly fondling her breasts, titillating her nipples until they could wait no longer.

He climbed to the pillows and pulled her up against him in one deft movement. She clung to him desperately, both of them kissing and nipping and tasting, wanting to recall this experience many years later. Ryker twined his leg around her ankle, effectively anchoring her, and drove himself into her hard, pummeling her as she bucked, keeping up with him until they both cried out at once.

His shaft was still semi-hard, sheathed in her pulsing wetness, each knowing they had more than satisfied the other. That was when she knew that love wasn’t about self-gratification at all. Ellie finally raised her eyes, applied her makeup, took a deep breath, and prayed that no one could read her thoughts.


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Erotic Romance, Love and Lust, Romance

After Burn 1

Part 1

Pink Tears2

Ellie started laughing and almost couldn’t stop. The punchline wasn’t that funny but she had needed the release badly. Six months prior, she went to bed and realized she hadn’t thought of Ryker for the entire day. Finally, she hadn’t wakened with her first thought being him. That was a first and she smiled as she closed her eyes knowing she would sleep without dreams, at last.
Tonight, Ellie was fully present, laughing with her best friends and actually present in the right here, right now. She wasn’t pretending to smile and she didn’t dread waking up tomorrow – finally. She no longer thought of tomorrow and that was freeing and fine with her.

Donna and Milly were her besties – forever, she told herself. Together they helped Ellie wade through the loss of her greatest love. With tiny steps and too many nights spent crying on their shoulders, and then crying herself to sleep, she had arrived back at her life and in her right mind. After mourning the loss of self and significant other, she had found her center and herself again. I’m not just breathing now, she congratulated herself. I’m alive!

Ellie sighed happily and scanned the hall for the powder room. She excused herself and took a step when her eyes landed on Ryker entering the celebration.

She froze as he smiled at her, not turning away as she had imagined this moment a year ago. Ellie’s breath caught and suddenly she knew what it felt like to be hit by a stun gun. The room whirled slightly as he walked towards her. Before he could reach her, Ellie spun and bolted for the safety of friends.

“Milly,” she said, lying a hand on her arm, “Milly, I need a moment,” Ellie whispered urgently.

“Sure sweetie, what is it,” Milly asked and then she saw Ryker approaching.

“Is there a back way out of here,” she asked, barely staving off hysteria.

“I understand,” Milly extended her hand to catch Donna’s eye and whispered to Ellie, “Stay put.  I’ll handle this,” waving Donna over with a flash of fingers and eyes filled with concern.

Her voice was protective reassurance a moment too late. Tears stung Ellie’s eyes which she riveted to the floor with her hair tumbling forward, hiding her expression. She felt pieces of her falling away as she came silently unglued.

How could he do this to me? Ellie wondered, imagining her bloodied heart splattering onto the linoleum floor. Hasn’t he hurt me badly enough? What the hell is he doing, coming back for more? My suffering wasn’t enough? God help me, he’s come to finish me off.


Ellie peered to see Ryker extend his hand to greet her friends who were plainly blocking his passage.


“Good evening, Millicent,” he said, approaching her.

They reluctantly exchanged hellos and Ryker held his breath. Milly clutched his palm in her fist pulling him close to her lips while Donna closed ranks behind him. Milly whispered venomously into his ear, “What are you doing here, Ryker”?

Donna brought up the rear, jabbing an accusing finger into his back, “Spit it out, disappearing Romeo. Why not try the truth this time,” Donna hissed.

Ryker looked directly into Milly’s eyes for the first time since they’d met, “I really love her,” he whispered, “I need her,” Ryker hesitated.

Ellie stood with her back to them, eavesdropping and peeking over her shoulder when she dared, biting back tears and wishing the floor would open up and swallow her whole.

“Sure you do, just as much as you ever did, you son of a simpleton,” Milly ground out, holding his eyes in her angry stare.

“You need her for what,” Donna said acidly, “A night, a week, long enough to kill her this time”?


“I know you two don’t believe me but I need her to,” Ryker insisted, moving to step around Milly.


Donna caught the back of his collar as Milly fisted his necktie. Donna moved to stand next to her speaking her vengeance softly, “You’ll have to convince us first so go ahead. Try. We dare you,” she spat close enough that Ryker could feel their mutual wrath cloak him.

He glanced beyond them to see Ellie, with her head down and back turned. It was an insecure posture, and it was his fault. He had no desire to bring her more pain than he already had. All he wanted was to hold and comfort her, to win back the trust he had lost so foolishly. Not wanting to inflict a scene on her atop everything else, Ryker acquiesced.

“Okay, he said, squaring his shoulders and taking care not to break eye contact, “Why don’t we find an empty table? I’ll buy us a round and I’m all yours. You two can vent and I’ll answer every question you have. Do your worst. I’m not running.”

It was a boy who let her go, he realized, and I’m going to be the man she deserves, he thought resolutely.

Milly and Donna exchanged an incredulous glance and nodded their agreement. Milly fisted the edge of his sleeve, making sure this wasn’t a rouse. Donna stepped back to whisper quickly to Ellie, “Give us awhile. Go enjoy the party”.

Ellie turned grief-stricken eyes to her and Donna rested a gentle hand on her shoulder, whispering, “Pretense, Ellie. For now, pretend. You can do this”?

Ellie nodded hesitantly and Donna smiled brightly, “Make him jealous as hell, Ellie,” then winked at her and turned away to trap Ryker between Milly and herself.

Sliding into the booth next to him, she warned, “There are no guarantees you can convince us. Hunker down, Ryker. This is going to be a long, hard night and I offer no guarantees you will even survive it”.


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Part 2:  After Burn, Part 2

Passion's Invocation, TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday: November 1, 2016

TMI Tuesday


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Unofficially again… Sorry, I have tons to do today!

1. What makes you cry?

Silly things.

The world is ending (or you are on death row), what would be your last meal?

Anything that takes a long time to cook. Cow on a spit? LOL!

2. You must join a gang/crew, of the choices below, which gang would you join and why?

Rue Bella and the Annie Depressants – a crew of drag queens

Aryan Brotherhood of white supremacist

Secret Society of The Order of Chaeronea – fostering an understanding and acceptance of gay community and lifestyle.

Free Hugs club – monthly membership requirement of hugging 10 strangers a month

Free Hugs Club. Hugs change the metabolism.

Quidditch Club – Mandatory game every Sunday. (Not a Harry Potter fan, read this for more info).

3. Who makes the best leader of a country–your mom or dad? Why?


4. If you could abolish one piece of modern technology, what would it be and why?

The computer. It has fostered a nation of anti-social, lonely people.


Bonus: Will you (or have you) celebrate Halloween this year? What did you do?

I stayed in, nursed a sinus infection and talked to friends/relatives.


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TMI Tuesday


Passion's Invocation, TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday

My First Unofficial TMI Tuesday (Late).

How’s it going–you know, your relationship?

TMI Tuesday

Get real. Spill. It’s TMI Tuesday!


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How did you realize an important relationship (romantic, friendship, business) was over? What was the pivotal moment or statement?


After being involved for 2+ years,  he asked if I wanted to live with him. When I said no, he asked if I knew we could get married by Notary Public, like he meant to hide it. 


Relationship strategy–do you have one? Share.


I have several: 

Love completely, not blindly. Don’t question your instincts. Don’t let anyone else make you doubt yourself. You know what you know. Communicate. There must be love and trust enough to put fears to rest in order for love to grow instead of stagnate. Be that invested. If he gets angry instead of communicating about anything run, do not walk, to the nearest exit. Most women believe half of what their S.O. says. My strategy is to know which half.


Name two things you appreciate about your current relationship. Why are these things significant? (If not currently in a relationship, feel free to refer to your best relationship)


Previous relationship:

He had basic insight about how to satisfy a woman… Make that women.

He knew that selfish sex would not garner the result he wanted in return.


In your relationship, do you compromise?


a little

never – I usually get my way

too much, it helps keep the peace (Now, I have a rule of thumb: Be empathetic, work for it, but not to the point of being a doormat.)


If you went to couple’s therapy, which of these are you most likely to have a need to discuss:


My significant other feels more like a roommate

Sex is uncomfortable

My partner doesn’t know what I like in bed

“Forget sex! We barely touch.”

We were compatible in all those ways but it’s not a relationship if you’re in it alone.


Bonus: Below is a list of extreme sports. You must pick one sport to try. Why would you do that sport?


volcano diving (Possibly, if another relationship ends badly and there is the possibility of death. Perhaps this would snap me into a new perspective. Rebirth from hell’s mouth?)

zip-lining through a jungle

bungee jumping


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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You’re Mine

You’re Mine

You're Mine

Standing in the shower, soapy hands in my hair, absentmindedly working the lather as I think of all that we have shared and your words echo through my mind as I lean back against the wall.

“You’re mine,”

Reaching to finger my clit as I remember your face, only inches from mine and your breath against my skin as you hissed,

“You’re mine. Only mine,” and I know that I am… that it is all I ever want to be.   I press one finger into my tight, hot pussy, already longing for you in ways that I have never desired another and I wonder about tonight, about the future, about how and where you will touch me, about what will become of me.

Closing my eyes, I run my fingers from shoulder to breast, imagining your hands on me, your fingers grazing my nipples and sliding down my abdomen, always with your voice in my head,

“You’re mine. You’re only mine.”

And I know that I am, but will never admit it.  

I wonder how long I’ll crave you as I slip two fingers into my aching wetness, imagining your long, hard cock slamming into me as my breath comes harder and faster. Stroking my clit harder and letting the hot water pummel me while I picture you driving your tongue into me, licking and laving me there, driving me into white-hot desperation as whimpers escape and I give in to this passionate assault.  

I am trembling with desire, tears are stinging my eyes, threatening to give way to the ocean behind my eyelids knowing that my soul is not my own anymore, that this heat and desire is all about you, always you, “You’re mineMineOnly mine,” and I cannot protest.

I cannot, will not refuse you anything, knowing that you possess me now; that you own my secretive thoughts and traitorous body. I am painfully aware there is nothing I can deny you.

 “You’re mine,”

And I whisper the only reply that I have, “Yes, love. Yes. I’m yours, all yours, only yours.”  

Feeling you penetrate me, your cock driving into me flaming-hot and so, so hard as my tight little pussy explodes and I let the tears fall, finally admitting it, if only to myself, while fervently praying that you never test me, never find out just how much power you have.

I let my breathing slow picturing your strong arms pinning me to your chest, locking me into your embrace and I know… and I know… I am yours.  

I rinse the soap from my body with the last of the hot water. Wrapping a towel around me. I make my way into the bedroom and open the closet to pull all my work clothes aside, working my way to the back where I stashed all my “sexy clothes.” Your voice is still ringing in my ears, “You’re mine, my love. Only mine.”  

I pull back the dresses meant for office parties to find the short, skimpy dress that I bought just to wear for you, the one that remained hidden until now.  With trembling fingers, I pull the dress from the hanger and hold it up to me in the mirror, rolling my eyes at the slit that is almost all the way up to there, and wondering why I dared to buy such a skimpy outfit. Then taking a seat on the bed, I lay the dress beside me to lay out stockings, garters and five-inch stilettos, and then quickly pull the blankets over me.

I lay back on my pillows holding one against me, imagining your hard frame on top of me, feeling the weight of you holding me down. You are kissing me deeply, passionately and I am arching to press my body to yours, needing you with a fierce intensity. I slide my fingers between my thighs imagining you holding me down, pinning me hard against the mattress as you press the head of your thick, steely cock into my fiery, tight, little cunt.

Your hands, so much larger than mine, cup my breasts as I drive my fingers into your hair. You take my hard nipples between your lips while I close my heavy eyelids and surrender to this sweet agony. Always hearing you tell me, over and over again,

“You’re mine. You belong to me.”  

I push two fingers into my steaming-hot cunt fast and hard, thinking of your granite girth filling me, and stealing my breath as your demanding lips claim mine.

I remember how I fought you; fought for my very sanity and fought my own desires, squirming and writhing beneath you, fighting and pushing against you. Then both your hands were at each side of my face not letting me turn away, even as I  cursed your strength you kissed away the last of my fight.

You were stroking my hard, sensitized clit and I was grinding against you, letting you claim me in ways that no one ever has. I let you bruise my lips, my neck, branding me your own, and I know… and I know… I am yours… only yours.  

I ache for you, my skin burning for your touch and I already feel my soaking wet pussy clinging to your rock-hard erection, driving into my hot center, forcing me open to you. You are pushing me past all of my limits, shoving me straight into the teeth of elicit, white-hot desire and making me burn for you as I stroke my clit faster and harder.

I picture how you rubbed your cock against me there, grinding against me until I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to have you inside me. Remembering how I reached between our bodies, finding just enough space to take you with both hands and plunge you into my fiery tightness. Recalling the feeling of you, your unrelenting, steely need and letting the tension build into unbearable, electric-lust.  

I’m longing for your delicious completion as I force my fingers into my aching pussy again and again, harder and faster, arching to feel your broad, firm frame crushed to me, your lips on mine kissing me long and hard.

Your fingers stroke faster and harder until my pussy erupts, throbbing hard around my fingers and I can almost feel your full, hard length pulsing inside of me… almost… and I know… and I know… and I know… and I whisper it aloud, as if to dispel this demon, “I’m yours, love. Do with me what you will,”  

The words echo in my mind as my breathing finally slows. Always, always hearing you, over and again, “You are mine. All mine, only mine. Always,” until I come down from my all-consuming climax, where can I open my eyes into the darkness and still imagine you here.  

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Passion's Invocation, Stories That Need A Home

At His Insistence

At His Insistence

At His Insistence

Lydia wasn’t sure why she was upset. She and John had dated for three years, but were only married three short months. They had their first really ugly fight tonight and she stared for a moment wondering how he could sleep so soundly after that.

He had always brought up the topic of being the “Hero” in a Hero sandwich and she had always laughed it off with a toss of her long, blonde hair, “Go ahead,” she giggled at his silliness, “You keep dreaming!”

Now standing in the moonlight, not curled up with her love like every night before, Lydia didn’t want to think that the romance had left their marriage so quickly, or of how he could let it go and insist on violating their vows instead of fight for her.

Peering at him murderously, she watched him toss once and settle. She lifted the sheet before her wanting to wrap it around his neck. Then she remembered Therese and decided to let John have it almost all his way.

Grinning widely, Lydia tiptoed from the room and scurried into the den. Therese had been her lesbian lover for several college months. Yes, it’s late, she reasoned, but Therese said that if I ever needed anything… She padded back to bolt the door and lifted the receiver.

To her surprise, Therese answered with music and voices surrounding her, “Donald, I told you it’s 75th street,” she admonished.

“Ahhh, this isn’t Donald,” she replied uncertainly.

“Oh my God! This is! It can’t be! Is it?”

“Hi Therese, this is Lydia,” she smiled.

“Lydia,” Therese screamed, “How the heck are? Where are? Wait! I’m having a bash! You must come!”

“Well I’ll be,” Lydia whispered excitedly, “I’m a few blocks away!”

Therese laughed from her belly, “Lydia, you haven’t changed a bit! Get your fine ass over here!”

Lydia stumbled, looking back at the door, “I… I don’t know, T.  I need to talk to… well really, I need to ask for a HUGE favor,” she whispered feeling embarrassed.”

“Okay, I get it. Where is asshole?”

“Asleep,” Lydia whispered more quietly.

“Come. Stay for a drink or two and I’ll carve some private time away from these old pervs,” she laughed with a slightly more serious edge now.

“How formal is the bash?”

“Street clothes honey. Just stick on jeans and jam on over.”

“What if he wakes up,” Lydia asked as though she hadn’t sneaked out of her parents’ house a million times as a girl.

“Tell him you need a pregnancy test from the all night store. That’ll scare the hell out of him.”

“Right now, I don’t think that would be good… or maybe it would,” Lydia pondered the thought wickedly.

“Never mind that! Just come now,” Therese implored.

“Okay, girl. Give me your address and I’ll see ya in a few.”

Lydia stepped into the bathroom with shirt, jeans and tennis shoes in hand. She donned the clothes and ran a brush through her hair. Feeling precarious without a bra, she stepped from the bathroom and remembered her purse next to the bed.

Silently cursing herself, she padded into the bedroom and checked for the items, then retrieved the sheet and placed it gently at the foot of the bed.

John awoke..

“Babe, you up,” he asked sleepily.

She stood paralyzed for a second, not knowing how to answer and finally lied, “Yea, um, can’t sleep. Gonna go read for a bit.”

John turned over and promptly fell back asleep. Lydia rolled her eyes in the darkness thinking, I should have strangled him when I had the chance.

Lydia finally turned the keys in the ignition and was on her way. She wasn’t sure she had the guts to follow through, or even ask Therese about her plan, but she felt better already. Therese would have some kind words or advice, and definitely hard liquor!

The two hugged in the doorway as if no time had passed. Lydia worried that she hadn’t seen her friend since the wedding, but her worries had been pointless.

Therese put a drink in her hand and introduced her to the crowd, followed by “We need some private time. You all know the rules. Don’t do anything I can get arrested for, including you, Donald. No water-ballooning people on the sidewalk!”

She cast him an evil grin and steered Lydia into a bedroom, “Okay, girlie, what’s up?”

“My head has been spinning since last night. I don’t even know where to begin.”

Therese pushed Lydia’s drink to her mouth saying, “Don’t worry. Drink up and we’ll catch up.”

“But your party,” she protested.

“Don’t worry, Lyd. Those pervs can go all night. Just take a minute and catch your breath. Then tell me what the dipshit did to you,” she said with a slight “I told you so” tone.

“Well, remember back when I was dating John? I told you he used to tease me about getting it on with one girl on top and another on the bottom?”

“Oh Lydia,” she offered sympathetically, “He didn’t.”

“Not yet,” she rolled her eyes still thinking of strangling him, “but he insists that he wants to.”

Therese sat her drink down hard saying, “But your married, for Christ sake!”

Therese left the room for a moment and returned with a bottle. “Glasses be damned,” she said, “This goes beyond hurt feelings. This calls for hard drinking.”

With that, she lifted the bottle and then handed it to Lydia. They passed the bottle back and forth in long moments of silence until they both spoke at once. Therese deferred and caught Lydia as she collapsed in tears.

As her friend’s sobs subsided, Therese asked, “So what are we going to do about him?”

Lydia lifted her tear-stained face, “We,” she asked.

“Yes. We,” she said angrily, “I knew I should have tried to talk you out of that marriage.”

“Some marriage,” Lydia said softly as she looked at the nearly empty bottle in her hands, “Last swig. You want,” she asked.

“Drink up, Lyd. Be right back.” Again she exited and reappeared with two bottles this time.

Lydia spoke up softly, “I’ve really missed you, T. I knew you and John didn’t get along.”

“It’s okay, sweetie. Stuff happens.”

“You can say that again,” Lydia frowned.

“Well,” Therese hedged for a moment gauging Lydia’s mental stamina, “I know you’ve had some thoughts on this. I guess, the question is, do you want to stay married to jerk-face?” She tugged the lid from the bottle and took a huge drink.

Lydia took a sip and sat staring at the floor while she thought, then lifted her eyes and asked, “What marriage? This isn’t a marriage.”

“Next question,” Therese said gently, “What’s the HUGE favor?”

“Ummm, well, you remember when we… I mean you and I were…” Lydia’s voice trailed off.

“Were lovers?” Therese asked point-blank, “Do I remember when we were lesbian lovers,” she asked incredulously.

“Yes, that,” Lydia whispered.

“That what,” Therese asked, coaxing her to say the words she never could back in college.

“Okay,” Lydia yelled finally losing her cool, “Yes! Back when we were lesbian lovers! Okay? Is that what you want to hear?”

Therese grinned as silence befell the apartment and Lydia cracked open the door. All party-goers were gathered silently outside. Therese laughed waving everyone away with a sweep of her delicate hand. She admonished all gently and told them to go play awhile longer, explaining that we would be out in a few minutes. She fell back on the bed kicking her feet while Lydia stumbled trying to reach her.

She managed to get to the bed and lay back gingerly closing her eyes. She was silently thanking God that the bed wasn’t spinning when Therese sat up, tapped her shoulder and said, “Wait just a second, Lyd. HUGE favor, remember?”

With a groan, Lydia forced herself upright again. Being fairly certain that she couldn’t suffer more embarrassment than she already had, Lydia broached her plan to Therese. Part way in, she got lost in memories she had thought long forgotten. “Do you remember how intense we were then? It was like the whole world fell away and there was only you and me.”

“I remember,” Therese whispered, “I still miss it… us.”

“Me too, sometimes,” Lydia confessed.

After several moments of silence, Lydia finally spilled her plan and waited for whatever the reaction would be.

With both being the epitome of drunkenness now, Therese recounted the plan as simplistically as she could, “So let’s see. We plan a night at your house, make shithead think he’s gonna get a Hero sandwich and ignore him until we dump him off the bed. He storms out mad as hell. Then we come back here and take our time together.”

“It’s okay to say no, T. I want to hurt him the way he’s hurt me, but I do miss us. I don’t think we got a fair chance back in college.”

“Then I have only one question for you,” Therese whispered.

Lydia looked into her eyes and quietly asked, “What?”

Therese took another long drink and said, “Want to really do some damage? Let’s film it. We can send him a copy every year when it was supposed to be your anniversary!”

“Perfection,” Lydia screamed, Thank you, T! Thank you!”

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