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Half A World Away

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Half A World Away


Ava knew that he was surrounded by photos he had enlarged to grace the elegant walls of his home. He had been to everyplace she could see in the paintings and pictures behind him. She also knew there were scads of women who would kill to be his girlfriend, his lover, or even just the recipient of his attention for a short while. Most of all, Ava knew she was one of the many… but, perhaps, a special one to Master Kane.


They used Skype almost every night. Though he was half a world away, she wanted to know everything about the personal world he lived in, and wished to re-experience Piccadilly and its shops with him. Once, he had lifted the camera to show her the view from his window. The neon signs and lights had her mesmerized and longing to be there.


They met at Shaftesbury Monument Memorial Fountain. She was unaware that she was the subject of several photos he took that day, and had no clue about what he longed to do to her then and there. He had mailed her the photos just today; their one year anniversary of meeting.


They met when Ava was in Westminster on vacation. While she had always known that her’s was a submissive nature, she knew nothing of the BDSM world. Over the past year, Master Kane had shown, and taken Ava to, places she had never dreamed existed, but the place she liked best was in his arms. Still, she admitted to herself that subspace had been one worth revisiting over and over as well.


Though he had introduced himself as Dillon Kane, he was Master since their first night together. He had made it clear that theirs would be a Dominant/submissive relationship. She definitely hadn’t expected to be wearing his collar, but he had collared her in their first week together. Ava was fascinated by all of it, her surroundings, the sounds and smells, every emotion he awakened in her, until she had made the mistake of calling him Dillon.


He had arched one brow, ordered her over his knee, and hiked up her skirt without ceremony. Then he grabbed her red, plastic hairbrush and spanked her until her bottom nearly matched the hairbrush. Even as tears fell, Ava was filled with a heat that rushed from her cheeks to her center, making her beg for orgasm.


Master Kane had toyed with her then, dragging the flat side of the brush over her burning ass cheeks, making her wait and wonder while he asked,
“What do you call me, my sweet sub?”


“Master,” she whimpered, “Master Kane!”


Slowly he caressed the inside of her thighs until his fingers found her wetness. He drove his fingers into her with one hand, while the other smacked her red cheeks hard with the brush. Then he wound an arm around her waist to bring her down from tiptoes as he drove into her tightness more deeply. Finally, he scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the bed. They made passionate, incredible love all night long.


Ava sighed, picturing the disappointment she had seen in his eyes that night. She set up her camera and adjusted the Skype settings, knowing that she would give anything to even just have that single night back again.


By Wildfire8470

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Anything You Desire

Anything You Desire

Car Sex


I knew that I should have left the house sooner but didn’t count on my neighbor, Tina, stopping by for a “short visit.” She just kept talking, no matter how many times I told her that I had to go! Now I’m stuck in traffic on the highway and I don’t want to miss your train. You’ve been away on business for months and I can’t be late. I am gripping the wheel frantically, as my fingernails dig into my palms,

“Damn the luck! Damn you, Tina,” I curse under my breath.

Finally, traffic is moving again and all I can think of is being in your arms, and all the ways that you will possess me this afternoon, unless I am too late to pick you up. Driving maniacally, I weave in and out of cars, standing on the accelerator, swearing that I’m not going to miss you today.

Maneuvering the car into a parking spot, I jump from behind the wheel, not bothering to lock it, and run for the station. Moving with panther stealth, I cut a path through the crowd on the platform while I search for your handsome face. Then I heave a sigh of relief when I see that your train is just pulling into the station.

“Amen and hallelujah,” I mutter to myself, while scanning the dark corners of this packed station, hoping that we can find some immediate privacy somewhere nearby. I’ve been waiting so long for this visit and, at last, I see you step from the train!

Bolting from the spot where I stood, I leap into your arms, wrapping my arms and legs around you. Then I kiss you with a furious passion that I didn’t know I had in me. With a knowing smile, you set me back on my feet, put your arm around my waist, and steer me towards the parking lot.

Upon arriving at the car, you spin me around forcefully and pin me against the car door, before I even realize what you’ve done. Pulling me fully against you, in an embrace that spoke of your deep longing, you crush your lips to mine in a kiss that seems to last forever and yet, not nearly long enough.

Already, I can feel your granite-hard need against my thigh and I’m more ready than I’ve ever been, but then you suddenly tear yourself away. It nearly causes me physical pain to break away from you now, but I can tell you have a plan.

In one fluid movement, you pull the car door open and push me face-first over the seat, nudging my legs apart with your knee. With only a word, you issue a soft command,


I want to obey, but my nerves get the better of me and I can’t help trying to steal glances over my shoulder. My mind is racing, “What if someone should pass by close enough to see us… or hear?” Again, I attempt to peek out the windows, but I dare not raise my head high enough to see. You already know how uneasy I’m feeling, but you have waited too long for this and I know that you won’t stop now.

Then you swiftly pull my dress up over my ass. I am nervous but keep quiet, as I’d already promised to do anything you desire; to obey with complete and utter trust. Too, I know that we have both been in need of this for far too long.

Once you have slowed, to take your time looking me over, bent over at your will, I hear you unzip your pants. I squeeze my eyes shut, praying that no one will walk by, as you plunge your thick erection deeply into my fiery cunt; all the way in until your balls slam into my ass. I gasp, sucking my breath in hard, to stop myself from crying out. Then you slowly pull back, until my tight, wet cunt is clinging to just the head of your long, firm cock. Then you begin a rhythm, pushing in and out, agonizingly slowly, really meaning to test the very limit of my word.

Small whimpers escape and fill the air, telling you of my longing, and my overwhelming pleasure; my craving finally fulfilled. You thrust hard and deep, bringing your hand down hard against my ass cheek time and again.

I am almost breathless from our mutual lust and, for just a moment, I forget where we are.

“More!” I cry out as I let your spanking set me aflame with an electric heat that begins at my ass and flows all the way down to my ultimate desire; crackling deep inside my tightening cunt. Then your deep tone cut into my thoughts,

“My girl likes to be spanked, doesn’t she?”

With that, you fucked me hard, fast, and deep; keeping one hand at my waist to steady me and the other cracking my ass harder and faster. I feel you thickening length inside me, growing even harder, and I can tell that you are close. But your voice brings me back to full consciousness, reminding me of our precarious location and I cling to my embarrassment in silence.

“Admit it,” you demanded, “You like to be spanked, don’t you?”

“okay! I admit it! Just don’t stop!” I retorted with a heated, desperate cry.

Then I realize that I am begging you, as I have never done with anyone before, but I cannot help myself. Right now, I don’t even recognize myself, but hardly care anymore.

You slam into me hard again and then you give me long, even strokes, all the way in and out; slowly, sensually, and then hard and fast, gaining momentum while you pusher deeper with every stroke. My soaking wet pussy is clutching your manhood and I can feel my own wetness on my thighs as you pull your cock away from me.

“Huh? Wha..? No!” I began, stunned that you were able stop at the moment.

I’m so lost that I’m pleading with and begging you, but my pleas fall upon deaf ears as you deftly pull down the zipper at the back of my dress. Then you turn me slightly, to slide the dress from my frame, only to find that I’ve worn nothing beneath it.

“Ohhh myyyy, Lil Bit!” I can tell that you’re completely astounded and extremely impressed.

You can’t believe that I’ve been brazen enough to arrive in just a flimsy little sundress and nothing more. My cheeks are flushed with embarrassment that you have discovered my secret. In my haste to dress quickly, I decided that no one would be the wiser if I just didn’t wear my panties and bra. With crimson cheeks, I wait until you lie atop me and then bury my face in your chest.

Sliding your still hard cock into me again, you begin a long slow rhythm; fucking me so deeply, so slowly, forcing me to just lay there and take it; take everything you wish to do to me, everything you desire, in this too public parking lot. Small cries escape me but you have no mercy for me, while you’re forcing me to endure this sweet torture for such a long time.

Finally, neither one of us can stand anymore. You begin to pummel me in a fast frenzy as your full, tight balls slap my ass. I want to scream my pleasure right out loud as my pussy explodes in unbearable, blinding, release; with my cunt throbbing hard around your thick girth, as your pulsing length spills your seed deep inside of me.

At last, you collapse against my back and hold me tightly. I’m smiling to myself, almost giddy in knowing that you’ve finally given me what I’ve been craving for months, that I have kept my promise faithfully, and that I’ve more than pleased you too.

After a long moment, I let you pull me up, help me to slip my dress back on, smooth it back into place, and hug me to you with a long, promising kiss. Then you quickly deposit me into the passenger seat and slide behind the wheel. Then, for a brief moment, we lock eyes in silent understanding.

Finally, you pull the car from the parking spot and head for the nearest hotel. Home is just too far away right now, but I know we will get there eventually. I trust you to take me wherever you wish, and I’ll go there with you willingly.



By Wildfire8470

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Her First Infraction

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Her First Infraction

The night was going to be a badly needed reunion with her best friend. Daphne felt that she had come into her own this year and was eager to celebrate as only two sisters can.


She was madly in love with Aidan and he with her. They took up residence together only one month prior. It wasn’t the collar or the proposal she had hoped for, “but it’s a good start,” she grinned into the makeup mirror.


Aiden wrapped his arms around her from behind, kissing her neck in the places that drive her crazy. With every kiss, he asked for her word, “Promise you will call if you’re going to be late… or you know what the punishment will be.”


“Yes, Aiden, I will,” Daphne smiled wondering if he would actually follow through on his threat to spank her, even as she prepared to test his mettle. Just the thought kept her in hot debate. She zipped her travel bag as Aiden hesitantly left the room.


Daphne lifted the phone and dialed her friend, “Hey Chloe, I’m all set! Can I stay in your guest room tonight?”


By Wildfire8470

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Dangerous Women

Innocent Attaleia


Attaleia had just arrived from her home near the Anatolian Peninsula in Turkey. Named for her heaven on earth, she hoped to return soon, to marry a wealthy man, whom she dated sporadically, but the modeling agency demanded her presence.


Attaleia was no innocent. She knew she may have four good years left, before the agency replaced her with a younger model. She had made it her business to become worldly wise. She was every man’s definition of beauty and she knew it. She put on her very best helplessly forlorn look, and scanned the garage for prey.


She caught the eye of a good looking man and lured him in. She held his appreciative gaze with innocent, pleading eyes.


“Hi. I’m Randy. You seem to be at a disadvantage. Those bags must weigh more than you do. Can I help you with those?”


She could see his hard cock straining the front of his slacks.


“Yes, well, first things first,” she hedged, “Would you be a dear and put them in the trunk,” she asked, handing him the key.


Randy looked perplexed, but set about the task. Attaleia leaned against the bumper watching him, every muscle that tightened, and every strong, angular sinew that was pure, powerful, masculinity. She knew he would be a stupendous lover.

As he turned to reach for the last suitcase, she reached into a bag and extracted a black velvet bag, saying, “I’d like to repay your kindness, Randy.”


“Oh no, that’s not required,” he protested, as she extracted handcuffs from the bag behind her back.


He turned away wishing her happy travels, when she caught his elbows, drew his hands behind him, locked the cuffs around his wrists and said seductively, “I wasn’t asking you. I was telling you”

By Wildfire8470



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You’re Mine

You're MineStanding in the shower, soapy hands in my hair, absentmindedly working the lather, while I think of all that we have shared. Your words echo through my mind, as I lean back against the wall, still hearing you say,

“You’re mine, love.”

Reaching to finger my clitoris as I remember your face, only inches from mine, and your breath against my skin, as you hissed,

“You’re mine. Only mine,” and I know that I am, that it is all I ever want to be, but too fearful to utter a response.

I step out to light my Champagne Lights Candle Cinnamon Apple and press my Black Magic Super Bullet into my tight, hot pussy, already longing for you in ways that I have never desired another, and I wonder about tonight, about the future, about how and where you will touch me, and about what will become of me.

Closing my eyes to inhale the cinnamon candle scented with pheromones, I run my fingers from shoulder to breast, imagining your hands on me, your fingers grazing my nipples and sliding down my abdomen, always with your voice in my head,

“You’re mine. You are only mine,” and I know that I am, but will never admit it.

I wonder how long I’ll crave you as I slide two fingers across my clitoris, then turn the bullet to medium, imagining your long, hard cock slamming into me as my breath comes harder and faster. Stroking my clit harder and letting the hot water pummel me, I turn the Black Magic Super Bullet on high, while I picture you driving your tongue into me, licking and laving my most intimate secrets, driving me into white-hot desperation, as whimpers escape and I give in to this passionate assault.

I am trembling with desire as the depths of me are vibrating hard. Tears sting my eyes, threatening to give way to the ocean behind my eyelids, knowing that my soul is not my own anymore, that this heat and desire is all about you, always you.

“You’re mine. Mine. Only mine,” and I cannot protest.

I cannot, will not refuse you anything, knowing that you possess me now, that you own my secretive thoughts and traitorous body. I am painfully aware there is nothing I can deny you.

“You’re mine, love, forever, eternally,” and the only reply that I have is,

“Yes love. Yes. I’m yours, all yours, only yours, forever.”

Feeling the huge, Black Magic Super Bullet penetrate me, and imagining your cock driving into me, so hot and so hard, my tight, little pussy explodes, and I finally succumb.

I let the tears fall, finally admitting it, if only to me and praying that you never test me, that you never find out just how much power you have.

Finally, I let my breathing slow, while I extract the Black Magic Super Bullet. I picture your strong arms pinning me to your chest, locking me into your embrace, and I know… and I know… I am yours.

I rinse the soap from my body with the last of the hot water. Wrapping a towel around me, I make my way into the bedroom to apply a light Body Butter With wild Cherry. The scent is soothing and arousing while I work it into my silky skin.

I pad across the bedroom to open the closet. I pull all my work clothes aside, working my way to the back, where I stashed all my “sexy clothes.” I pull back the dresses meant for office parties, to find the short, skimpy lingerie that I bought just to wear for you.

Then I laid out my 2 Piece Peek-A-Boo Bra and Crotchless Black Rene Rofe lingerie, next to my 2 Piece Black Lace Bandeau Chemise, and my Kinky Kitten Wet Look Teddy; the one that you bought for me. I lay them on the bed to decide on later, with your voice is still ringing in my ears,

“You’re mine, love. Only mine.”

With trembling fingers, I lifted and held the last up to my naked body, holding it up to me in the mirror, and rolling my eyes at the barely-there material. For a moment, I wonder why I dared to accept such a skimpy outfit but, deep down, I knew why.

Then taking a seat on the bed, I quickly folded the items to decide on later, and pull the warm blankets over me. I lay back on my pillows, holding one against me, imagining your hard frame on top of me, feeling the weight of you holding me down. You are kissing me deeply, passionately, and I am arching to press my body to yours, needing you with a fierce intensity.

I slide my fingers between my thighs, imagining you pinning me against the mattress hard, as you press the head of your granite cock into my fiery, wanton depths.

Your hands, so much larger than mine, cup my breasts as I drive my fingers into your hair. You take my pebbled nipples between your lips, while I close my heavy eyes and surrender to the sweet agony. Always hearing you tell me, repeatedly,

“You’re mine. You belong to me for all eternity.”

I push the Icicles No. 11 dildo into my steaming-hot box, fast and hard, imagining your thick, granite cock filling me, stealing my breath as your demanding lips claim mine. I recall how I fought you, fought for my very sanity, and fought my own desires, while I was writhing beneath you, fighting and pushing against you, until you responded with both hands at each side of my face, not letting me turn away. Even as I cursed your strength, you kissed away the last of my fight.

Then you were stroking my hard, sensitized clit causing me to, instinctively, grind against you. I let you claim me in ways that no one ever has, bruising my lips, my neck, letting you brand me your own, and I know… and I know… I am yours… only yours.

I picture how you rubbed your cock against me there, grinding against me until I could not take it anymore, had to have you inside me. Remembering how I reached between our bodies, finding just enough space to take you with both hands and plunge you into my fiery tightness, and recalling the feel of you, the intensity of your rock-hard need, as I let the tension build into unbearable, wanton, white-hot lust.

Aching for you, with my skin burning for your touch, I already feel my soaking wet pussy clinging to your rock-hard erection, driving into my molten center, forcing me open to you. You are pushing me past all of my limits, shoving me straight into the teeth of elicit, white-hot desire, and making me burn for you as I stroke my clit faster and harder, ramming the Icicles No. 11 dildo in and out with my free hand.

I’m longing for your delicious completion, as I force the Icicles dildo into my aching pussy, again and again, faster and harder, arching to feel your broad, firm, frame crushed to me, with your lips on mine, kissing me long and hard, demanding everything from me.

Your fingers stroke faster and harder until my pussy erupts, throbbing hard around my icicles dildo, and I can almost feel your granite girth pulsing inside of me… almost, and I know… and I know… and I know, and I whisper it aloud as if to dispel this demon,

“I’m yours, my love. Claim me.”

The words echo through me as my breathing finally slows. Always, always hearing you, repeatedly,

“You are mine. All mine. Only mine, always and forever,” until I come down from my all-consuming climax, where I open my eyes into the darkness and still imagine you here.

By: Wildfire8470

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Her Dark Lord

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Poised For Variations


Kintra waited for him, poised on the bed as he had requested. She had bathed, spritzed light cologne on her wrists, and had her nails manicured and painted red.
She wore a lacy, black, peasant shirt, open, and tucked the diamond he gave her into her navel. He had given her the delicate thong with tiny diamonds too, which was to die for.


It was the first time she had been here alone. She didn’t snoop. Kintra was a firm believer that if you look for trouble, you’ll likely find it. She didn’t want to find trouble with her new man, ever.


For the first half hour, she watched the clock intently. After a while, she picked up a Variations magazine and began reading. The story seemed somewhat familiar. By the end, she realized why.


It was by “Dark Lord,” her Dark Lord! She planned to throw in some ‘variations’ of her own now.


Smiling, she put the magazine back where he had placed it, flattered that he had written about the two of them, and knowing that this night would be filled with fun, and a few surprises he’s not expecting.



By Wildfire8470 

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