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After Burn 1

Part 1

Pink Tears2

Ellie started laughing and almost couldn’t stop. The punchline wasn’t that funny but she had needed the release badly. Six months prior, she went to bed and realized she hadn’t thought of Ryker for the entire day. Finally, she hadn’t wakened with her first thought being him. That was a first and she smiled as she closed her eyes knowing she would sleep without dreams, at last.
Tonight, Ellie was fully present, laughing with her best friends and actually present in the right here, right now. She wasn’t pretending to smile and she didn’t dread waking up tomorrow – finally. She no longer thought of tomorrow and that was freeing and fine with her.

Donna and Milly were her besties – forever, she told herself. Together they helped Ellie wade through the loss of her greatest love. With tiny steps and too many nights spent crying on their shoulders, and then crying herself to sleep, she had arrived back at her life and in her right mind. After mourning the loss of self and significant other, she had found her center and herself again. I’m not just breathing now, she congratulated herself. I’m alive!

Ellie sighed happily and scanned the hall for the powder room. She excused herself and took a step when her eyes landed on Ryker entering the celebration.

She froze as he smiled at her, not turning away as she had imagined this moment a year ago. Ellie’s breath caught and suddenly she knew what it felt like to be hit by a stun gun. The room whirled slightly as he walked towards her. Before he could reach her, Ellie spun and bolted for the safety of friends.

“Milly,” she said, lying a hand on her arm, “Milly, I need a moment,” Ellie whispered urgently.

“Sure sweetie, what is it,” Milly asked and then she saw Ryker approaching.

“Is there a back way out of here,” she asked, barely staving off hysteria.

“I understand,” Milly extended her hand to catch Donna’s eye and whispered to Ellie, “Stay put.  I’ll handle this,” waving Donna over with a flash of fingers and eyes filled with concern.

Her voice was protective reassurance a moment too late. Tears stung Ellie’s eyes which she riveted to the floor with her hair tumbling forward, hiding her expression. She felt pieces of her falling away as she came silently unglued.

How could he do this to me? Ellie wondered, imagining her bloodied heart splattering onto the linoleum floor. Hasn’t he hurt me badly enough? What the hell is he doing, coming back for more? My suffering wasn’t enough? God help me, he’s come to finish me off.


Ellie peered to see Ryker extend his hand to greet her friends who were plainly blocking his passage.


“Good evening, Millicent,” he said, approaching her.

They reluctantly exchanged hellos and Ryker held his breath. Milly clutched his palm in her fist pulling him close to her lips while Donna closed ranks behind him. Milly whispered venomously into his ear, “What are you doing here, Ryker”?

Donna brought up the rear, jabbing an accusing finger into his back, “Spit it out, disappearing Romeo. Why not try the truth this time,” Donna hissed.

Ryker looked directly into Milly’s eyes for the first time since they’d met, “I really love her,” he whispered, “I need her,” Ryker hesitated.

Ellie stood with her back to them, eavesdropping and peeking over her shoulder when she dared, biting back tears and wishing the floor would open up and swallow her whole.

“Sure you do, just as much as you ever did, you son of a simpleton,” Milly ground out, holding his eyes in her angry stare.

“You need her for what,” Donna said acidly, “A night, a week, long enough to kill her this time”?


“I know you two don’t believe me but I need her to,” Ryker insisted, moving to step around Milly.


Donna caught the back of his collar as Milly fisted his necktie. Donna moved to stand next to her speaking her vengeance softly, “You’ll have to convince us first so go ahead. Try. We dare you,” she spat close enough that Ryker could feel their mutual wrath cloak him.

He glanced beyond them to see Ellie, with her head down and back turned. It was an insecure posture, and it was his fault. He had no desire to bring her more pain than he already had. All he wanted was to hold and comfort her, to win back the trust he had lost so foolishly. Not wanting to inflict a scene on her atop everything else, Ryker acquiesced.

“Okay, he said, squaring his shoulders and taking care not to break eye contact, “Why don’t we find an empty table? I’ll buy us a round and I’m all yours. You two can vent and I’ll answer every question you have. Do your worst. I’m not running.”

It was a boy who let her go, he realized, and I’m going to be the man she deserves, he thought resolutely.

Milly and Donna exchanged an incredulous glance and nodded their agreement. Milly fisted the edge of his sleeve, making sure this wasn’t a rouse. Donna stepped back to whisper quickly to Ellie, “Give us awhile. Go enjoy the party”.

Ellie turned grief-stricken eyes to her and Donna rested a gentle hand on her shoulder, whispering, “Pretense, Ellie. For now, pretend. You can do this”?

Ellie nodded hesitantly and Donna smiled brightly, “Make him jealous as hell, Ellie,” then winked at her and turned away to trap Ryker between Milly and herself.

Sliding into the booth next to him, she warned, “There are no guarantees you can convince us. Hunker down, Ryker. This is going to be a long, hard night and I offer no guarantees you will even survive it”.


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Part 2:  After Burn, Part 2

Passion's Invocation

Magical Night Released

Magical Night

By Karen Sullivan

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Kay Maclachan cannot speak the words that she holds fast in her heart. Jim will not propose until she does, but he has a plan. He will treat his love to a night of BDSM and domination, teasing all of her senses, and driving her into a white-hot, sexual desire that begs for fulfillment. He will force her to say the words he needs to hear, and enjoy torturing them from her.


I knew I had come too close. I wanted to feel him penetrate me and knew that I would have given myself in complete abandon, to feel both of us twisting and writhing together, our limbs entangled, wanting to be closer than our bodies would allow. I wanted us to be more than just an extension of each other. I wanted to climax with the length of him pulsing hard as his seed spilled into me, forcing me to climax repeatedly, with my hot wetness clinging tightly to him, together in every conceivable way, as we became part of each other.

After several minutes in this too-public pavilion, he breathed against me, whispering between kisses, “You can’t know what you do to me, my little bit.”

I visibly shook with desire I could barely contain. Jim grazed me with his teeth, ensuring I could feel everything I had made him feel. He pressed his granite need against my buttocks and continued, “But, by tomorrow, you will know.”

Jim continued his sensuous assault and a sweet, tormenting ache began between my thighs.

I smiled then, since he did not have clear view of my face as he stood behind me, and thought, “Oh, but I do know, and I hope you never find out what you do to me.”

He was still moving his hand expertly, teasingly pinching my nipples beneath my gown, rolling each one between his fingers, then cupping and kneading my breasts with both hands, while our backs were to the building and his tall, muscular size afforded us a small degree of privacy.

Still, we both knew someone could catch us at any moment. It would be obvious we were no longer admiring the scenery, with my chest heaving, eyes closed, our skin flushed and glistening, and our breathing shallow and labored. My entire body shook in deep arousal. His tailored trousers strained against his erection threatening the seams, with his lips slightly swollen and telltale bruises adorning my neck and shoulders.

Almost painfully, he lifted his head. Taking my face in his strong hands, he turned me to face him, each of us knowing in a glance what the other was thinking. Our eyes met and instantly conveyed our mutual need for immediate privacy. Then he lightly pressed a kiss to my lips with one hand resting on the small of my back.


Worse was that I knew I would let him, and for the time we made love, all else would fall away. There would be only him. Everything he did would make me feel utterly and completely loved, and my every response would inflame his passions even more. Making love with Jim was always surprising, new, and different. I was his wholly, body, mind, and soul.

We paused and I fought to focus on the lake below the pavilion as Jim attempted to retrieve cigarettes from the pocket of his suit jacket. I admired the way it strained over his strong, well-muscled shoulders.

Again, I forced myself to visualize various ducks and wild creatures coming to drink from the lake. I made a silent, mental effort to name the types of fish one might find in a lake like this one. While Jim searched for cigarettes, I leaned, arching my back slightly, as my stiletto heels were beginning to make my backache.

Holding onto the railing with both hands, I watched him searching his pockets before he finally found cigarettes. As he was lighting one, I wondered if I had gone too far, if I should have stopped this interlude before it began. I could not read those eyes sometimes.

After a long, deep drag, he slowly looked me up and down and said, “You do strike a most delicious pose,” then he gave me a wry smile.

I winced, never having thought of how I must look, back arched, hair swept up, face turned up to his, eyes smoldering with desire, chest arched out, revealing more cleavage than intended by the dress or me. Immediately, I gasped and stood up straight.

I began letting my thoughts stray once more, getting lost in admiring his physique. I still could not get enough of just looking at him. At times, I railed against my intimate, voyeuristic thoughts of him, the way he moved so self-assuredly, the way his muscled back rippled, and the way his taut, firm buttocks clenched, driving me crazy.

Throwing caution to the wind and giving in to temptation, I decided to risk spending more time here on this grand marble and brass pavilion, hidden partly behind a large pillar but without a private moment to call our own. I flashed a devious smile to his smoldering eyes, riveted to the fascination and beauty there, knowing that someday he may be the death of me.

Still, I ran my hands seductively over his chest. At first, he began, “Don’t,” but he was smiling, and I knew he was not angry for having let me get this far.

It was a promising tease, which he allowed for a moment, knowing I was actually torturing both of us.

He closed his eyes as I opened several buttons on his shirt to press my hand to his bare chest, gently teasing the hair on his hardened form, lightly running my fingertips over his skin as far as that blasted shirt would allow. Uttering an oath under my breath, I considered tearing the tailored shirt from him and pushing him against the pillar to touch, lick, taste, kiss, and nip every inch of his flesh.