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01/20/2014: Fiona’s Firsts

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers

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Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser

Fiona's Firsts

Fiona made a conscious choice, “So why am I questioning it now,” she wondered, “I wanted a break from being strong. Didn’t I?”


Sir Dante’s voice came through the door, slicing through her thoughts and striking her soul, “Bend over more. This is the last time you go out drinking and forget to call me. I was worried sick, Fiona.”


She bent gripping the edge of the bed, feeling guilty and completely out of her element. “I run a friggin’ company. I give orders to men,” she warred with herself, “and I never thought he would actually… Ouch! Fucking hell! God damn it,” Fiona screamed as the crop landed sharply, scoring her perfect ass.


He took a seat, dragging her over his knee by her hair and slid his hand between her thighs. She was soaking wet. Dante smiled in the darkness, “Repeat after me, “I will not fail you again, Sir. I surrender.”


Fiona hesitated, uncertain if she wanted to cry, slap him hard, or beg for more. “I will n, not, ohhh, owww…shit,” she paused to rub her scorched bottom. He wrenched her hand behind her, whipped her again, and snaked two fingers into her wetness. She stumbled over the words while he enjoyed tormenting her. One more fall of the crop made her she scream them loudly.


Dante held her closely then, kissing away her tears. They made love like never before. Her words were no longer forced. Fiona repeated them like a magical incantation, whispering, “I surrender,” until climax forced their surrender to each other.

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Driveby Angel

Drive-by Angel 



Angel packed her bags, trying to anticipate the change in temperature at her destination. She was sick of this too-small town, sick of everything, and fed up with her beige life. She walked with direct and angry assurance, muttering, 


“Beige! My whole life has been bland, boring, BEIGE!” 


She flung slacks, dresses, heels, jeans, and a variety of tops, into the suitcases haphazardly. She then tossed her bags into the trunk with a single thought. Her wheels laid rubber as she gunned the car onto the street, thinking, 


“I need color and I’ll have it, damn it all!” 


She drove blindly and six hours later, found herself in St. Augustine, without really knowing how she had gotten there. Angel stopped for gas with the breeze catching her long, blonde tresses. She knew she was beautiful. She had always known it. 


Though she was at the self-serve island two men raced from the station, trying to be the first to offer assistance. Angel smiled deviously and stepped from her car. She asked the first man to fill the tank and requested that the second show her to the ladies room.


She immediately learned his name was Davis and looped her arm through his as his eyes bulged, glued to her voluptuous breasts and long, slender legs. He managed to issue a compliment about the importance of a woman being safe when traveling and offered to go in first, to check that it was free of “intruders.” 


Angel stood behind him as he pushed a key into the lock. He was obviously strong, muscular, and maybe just a few sandwiches short of a picnic; her exact type at the moment. 


Davis struggled with the rusty lock as Angel took in her surround-ings. The sky was bright and blue; the sun a huge, yellow gold orb, even the gas station sign was bright red, but her specific interest was the renowned, haunted lighthouse in the distance. She wanted to taste the rainbow even if she had to act like a dolt to get what she wanted. 


Angel maneuvered to hold the door asking, offhandedly as she could make it seem, when he was off work. He informed her that the first attendant was there to replace him for night shift. 


“Listen,” she said, “I’m new in town. Would you be willing to show me some sights?” she asked innocently. 


“Sure! What’s your pleasure,” he queried, not believing his good fortune. 


Angel pointed into the distance saying, “What’s that? Oh! Is it a lighthouse? Let’s go there!” 


Davis, still standing in the door to the restroom, eyed her up and down knowing he could refuse this innocent beauty nothing. 


“Of course,” he said, cautioning about its haunted history, explaining that she should stay close to him, “Just in case.” 


She cast her eyes to the ground feigning nervousness, “Maybe we shouldn’t,” she said softly with mock fear. 


“Oh no, Miss Angel, I’ll protect you,” he offered. 


Angel suppressed a hungry grin and agreed to follow him there. 


Several moments later, they were inside the lighthouse as the heavy door swung shut with an echoing bang. She playfully ran up the winding staircase but Davis was no match for her endurance. By the time he reached the top, Angel was already half-clad. Her crop top lay in a heap as she unzipped her jean shorts. 


He stood drop-jawed, staring at her from silken hair to dainty, bare feet. She closed the distance between them and embraced him, moving her hands to grip his firm, taut ass cheeks and whispered, “Let’s make this a night to remember.” 


She kissed him full on the mouth sucking in his lower lip to run her moist tongue across it and whispered, “Fuck me, Davis. Fuck me like no one ever has.” 


Davis stepped back to review her beauty in a new light. Then he unzipped his pants. Angel closed the step back to bite his neck. He fumbled with removing his pants and she began to lose patience. She fisted his collar and ripped the offending shirt from his back.


Again he took half a step back saying, “Boy, you’re no angel. Are you?” 


She pursued him wordlessly, deliberating about how to answer. She took half a step toward him and leaned down to force his pants from his feet. Then, finally, she asked, 


“Ever fantasized about defiling and fucking an angel’s brains out? Now is your one and only chance, Davis.”


He leaned in to kiss her hard and then scooped up his shirt to spread beneath her. Angel caught his naked body still leaning and pushed him to the ground onto his back. For a brief moment she watched his chest rise and fall heavily.  


“What,” he asked, “What are you doing?” 


Angel didn’t reply. Instead, she bent down on all fours and crawled the short distance to him, knowing he was already mesmerized by the sway of her breasts and perfect proportions.  


She crept between his muscled thighs and sucked his cock into her warm, wet mouth, closing her lips around him hard. Davis let go a groan like she’d never heard before. It was purely animalistic and her pussy went up in flames.


She sucked him in deeply and bobbed her head up and down his cock. His head rolled to the side with eyes closed. Angel stopped abruptly and fisted his balls. 


“I want you to look at me,” she demanded, as she mounted him cowgirl style.  


“Okay! I’m sorry! Okay,” he pleaded, but Angel was having too much fun being the aggressor for once. 


She dragged her wet slit up and down his steely length with her firm breasts swinging just over his mouth, and barely out of reach. Angel started to realize she had a prisoner to her will and found it exhilarating.  


She leaned back into a sitting position and pushed his cock into her tight, fiery cunt, so slowly it would have broken a lesser man. She was well pleased that he hadn’t cum yet, and decided to torture him a little more. 


Suddenly, Davis thrust into her hard and she pulled all the way back until the head of his dick was barely in her. Then she froze, holding him in the grip of a lust so powerful she never wanted to stop, but the sweet, tormenting ache between her thighs was insistent.  


Softly, she stroked his balls with fingertips, titillating both of them even more, as she drank in her new-found power and he grew firmer inside her. Finally she slammed down hard, relishing the feel of his hardness filling her up, and began riding him hard and fast.  


She pushed faster, stronger, and he matched her with powerful thrusts until she threw her head back in abandon, screaming with a raw intensity. Colors exploded behind her eyelids, as she climaxed hard around his throbbing girth. Their cries mingled in the old lighthouse, resounding around them, and in it Angel heard the call of the wild, like a physical pull. 


Davis lay there, eyes closed, breathing hard. He reached to hold her to him but, for her, this was just a drive-by; her first taste of color in the myriad rainbows and flavors to come.  


Angel dressed quickly, kissed him lightly on the cheek, retreated down the stairs, and tossed over her shoulder, “Thanks Davis! You were super” as the door slammed shut with a bang. 



By Wildfire8470


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You’re Mine

You're MineStanding in the shower, soapy hands in my hair, absentmindedly working the lather, while I think of all that we have shared. Your words echo through my mind, as I lean back against the wall, still hearing you say,

“You’re mine, love.”

Reaching to finger my clitoris as I remember your face, only inches from mine, and your breath against my skin, as you hissed,

“You’re mine. Only mine,” and I know that I am, that it is all I ever want to be, but too fearful to utter a response.

I step out to light my Champagne Lights Candle Cinnamon Apple and press my Black Magic Super Bullet into my tight, hot pussy, already longing for you in ways that I have never desired another, and I wonder about tonight, about the future, about how and where you will touch me, and about what will become of me.

Closing my eyes to inhale the cinnamon candle scented with pheromones, I run my fingers from shoulder to breast, imagining your hands on me, your fingers grazing my nipples and sliding down my abdomen, always with your voice in my head,

“You’re mine. You are only mine,” and I know that I am, but will never admit it.

I wonder how long I’ll crave you as I slide two fingers across my clitoris, then turn the bullet to medium, imagining your long, hard cock slamming into me as my breath comes harder and faster. Stroking my clit harder and letting the hot water pummel me, I turn the Black Magic Super Bullet on high, while I picture you driving your tongue into me, licking and laving my most intimate secrets, driving me into white-hot desperation, as whimpers escape and I give in to this passionate assault.

I am trembling with desire as the depths of me are vibrating hard. Tears sting my eyes, threatening to give way to the ocean behind my eyelids, knowing that my soul is not my own anymore, that this heat and desire is all about you, always you.

“You’re mine. Mine. Only mine,” and I cannot protest.

I cannot, will not refuse you anything, knowing that you possess me now, that you own my secretive thoughts and traitorous body. I am painfully aware there is nothing I can deny you.

“You’re mine, love, forever, eternally,” and the only reply that I have is,

“Yes love. Yes. I’m yours, all yours, only yours, forever.”

Feeling the huge, Black Magic Super Bullet penetrate me, and imagining your cock driving into me, so hot and so hard, my tight, little pussy explodes, and I finally succumb.

I let the tears fall, finally admitting it, if only to me and praying that you never test me, that you never find out just how much power you have.

Finally, I let my breathing slow, while I extract the Black Magic Super Bullet. I picture your strong arms pinning me to your chest, locking me into your embrace, and I know… and I know… I am yours.

I rinse the soap from my body with the last of the hot water. Wrapping a towel around me, I make my way into the bedroom to apply a light Body Butter With wild Cherry. The scent is soothing and arousing while I work it into my silky skin.

I pad across the bedroom to open the closet. I pull all my work clothes aside, working my way to the back, where I stashed all my “sexy clothes.” I pull back the dresses meant for office parties, to find the short, skimpy lingerie that I bought just to wear for you.

Then I laid out my 2 Piece Peek-A-Boo Bra and Crotchless Black Rene Rofe lingerie, next to my 2 Piece Black Lace Bandeau Chemise, and my Kinky Kitten Wet Look Teddy; the one that you bought for me. I lay them on the bed to decide on later, with your voice is still ringing in my ears,

“You’re mine, love. Only mine.”

With trembling fingers, I lifted and held the last up to my naked body, holding it up to me in the mirror, and rolling my eyes at the barely-there material. For a moment, I wonder why I dared to accept such a skimpy outfit but, deep down, I knew why.

Then taking a seat on the bed, I quickly folded the items to decide on later, and pull the warm blankets over me. I lay back on my pillows, holding one against me, imagining your hard frame on top of me, feeling the weight of you holding me down. You are kissing me deeply, passionately, and I am arching to press my body to yours, needing you with a fierce intensity.

I slide my fingers between my thighs, imagining you pinning me against the mattress hard, as you press the head of your granite cock into my fiery, wanton depths.

Your hands, so much larger than mine, cup my breasts as I drive my fingers into your hair. You take my pebbled nipples between your lips, while I close my heavy eyes and surrender to the sweet agony. Always hearing you tell me, repeatedly,

“You’re mine. You belong to me for all eternity.”

I push the Icicles No. 11 dildo into my steaming-hot box, fast and hard, imagining your thick, granite cock filling me, stealing my breath as your demanding lips claim mine. I recall how I fought you, fought for my very sanity, and fought my own desires, while I was writhing beneath you, fighting and pushing against you, until you responded with both hands at each side of my face, not letting me turn away. Even as I cursed your strength, you kissed away the last of my fight.

Then you were stroking my hard, sensitized clit causing me to, instinctively, grind against you. I let you claim me in ways that no one ever has, bruising my lips, my neck, letting you brand me your own, and I know… and I know… I am yours… only yours.

I picture how you rubbed your cock against me there, grinding against me until I could not take it anymore, had to have you inside me. Remembering how I reached between our bodies, finding just enough space to take you with both hands and plunge you into my fiery tightness, and recalling the feel of you, the intensity of your rock-hard need, as I let the tension build into unbearable, wanton, white-hot lust.

Aching for you, with my skin burning for your touch, I already feel my soaking wet pussy clinging to your rock-hard erection, driving into my molten center, forcing me open to you. You are pushing me past all of my limits, shoving me straight into the teeth of elicit, white-hot desire, and making me burn for you as I stroke my clit faster and harder, ramming the Icicles No. 11 dildo in and out with my free hand.

I’m longing for your delicious completion, as I force the Icicles dildo into my aching pussy, again and again, faster and harder, arching to feel your broad, firm, frame crushed to me, with your lips on mine, kissing me long and hard, demanding everything from me.

Your fingers stroke faster and harder until my pussy erupts, throbbing hard around my icicles dildo, and I can almost feel your granite girth pulsing inside of me… almost, and I know… and I know… and I know, and I whisper it aloud as if to dispel this demon,

“I’m yours, my love. Claim me.”

The words echo through me as my breathing finally slows. Always, always hearing you, repeatedly,

“You are mine. All mine. Only mine, always and forever,” until I come down from my all-consuming climax, where I open my eyes into the darkness and still imagine you here.

By: Wildfire8470

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