Dangerous Women, Passion's Invocation

Declaration Divine


Gonna get all up onto my high heels

and haul ass out of here

gonna have to fight like a holy hellion

like I never fought for anything

like I never fought before.


Gonna slip on out of my warm bed

and paint my black jeans on

gonna be wearing a hat that matches

like I just got a sign

this is my declaration divine.


Gonna get all up onto my high heels

and haul ass out of here

gonna have to be my own super woman

for all of my sisters who can’t fight

like I have a godforsaken right.


Gonna get all up in my own existence

and then I’ll get up in yours

gonna fight like a holy hellion

like I never knew I could before

I’m no longer keeping score.


Gonna get all up onto my high heels

and paint my black jeans on

gonna be wearing a hat that matches

because this is my declaration divine

and I have a godforsaken right.

By Wildfire8470


10/16/2016:  In dedication to a personal declaration and end of abuse:  No more divided alliances or allegiances in my home or at my back. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the abuse.

© October 16, 2016 – 11:44 AM

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Reckless Rita and Feckless Fred

Reckless Rita and Feckless Fred

Feckless Fred


Dear Diary,   12/8/2015


I’m sitting here next to feckless Fred, except now he’s dead, and I’m about half seas-over working on my sixth pint of Conqueror Black. I found a crate in the back of his truck!


That’s the last picture I took of him, right before Thanksgiving dinner at the community club. Well it’s half the picture. Old feckless was getting an early start. Nothing new about that, but tonight is the first time he really hurt me.


I downloaded the pictures, cut off his head, and pasted it onto a silver platter surrounded by bloodied mashed potatoes. You’ve got to love Photoshop! I stuck it on an e-card and wrote, “It’s what’s for Dinner – Happy Feckless Turkey Day”!


Well, it made Olivia laugh and I got to vent. What Fred didn’t know never hurt him…until now. (Snicker!)


Okay, so murder is wrong and way out of my comfort zone, but it was really self-defense, so I know you will forgive me when I explain why. 


Only you and Olivia know that the things I said weren’t premeditated. You know, stuff like, “If he comes home stinking drunk again I’ll do something drastic”! I never really meant it. I was just blowing off steam.


I was pissed and spouting off recklessly like I do. You know stuff you say in anger like, “I’ll spike his drink with Drano” and “If he lays a single hand on me, I’ll go Unabomber on his worthless ass”.


Tonight he busted through the locked bedroom door. Old feckless blackened my eye and split my lip. He tried to bludgeon me with the marble lamp and I snapped! It was like getting struck by lightning. Zap! Then everything after is a moment of newfound clarity.


I suppose, by now, I knew I’d kill the bastard someday. I just didn’t know it would be today. 


Knowing his nightly routine, I waited to hear him turn the faucets and fill the bathtub. I heard the water splash in protest as he lowered his fat ass into it. (Talk about the size of Amarillo!) 


Tonight, I stopped threatening and issuing impotent warnings. Feckless knew it was just hot air. He knew I was just blowing smoke so tonight, I made good on them.


No one can say I didn’t warn him, but this time, Feckless went way over the top and he pushed me to my ultimate limit. It was time to put up or shut up!


Olivia knew it. She told me, “If you forgive him, he thinks he can beat you all the time and get forgiven all the time. All that teaches old feckless is that he’s right”. 


He thinks he can abuse me and get off with a few crocodile tears and well-rehearsed words. I showed him.


Geeze, she sure was right. She spoke with the voice of personal knowledge, warning me, “One day you’ll make a decision or he’ll force you to, if he doesn’t kill you first”. 


She offered to let me stay over when he really had a snoot-full. Until tonight I was damn near living there but just like she said, feckless Fred forced me to choose. 


It was his life or mine so I did the first thing that came to mind, though I did fantasize about it since the day after I married the son of a bitch.


I went to the tool shed to fetch a long extension cord and plugged it into the wall outside the bathroom. Then I got the toaster and plugged it into the other end. Silently, I cracked the door open.


Fred got up when he saw me enter. Before he could make a move, I lobbed the toaster, high and hard, and yelled, “Hey Fred, go deep”!


You should have seen his face when I pitched the toaster into the tub. Oh my goodness gracious! It was so much better than I’d imagined a million times! It was absolutely priceless! 


Well, what now? I have to call Olivia straight away; maybe she’ll know what to do with fried feckless.





By Wildfire8470









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Dangerous Women, Flash Fiction, Passion's Invocation




Jenner checked her reflection and ran to wait behind the curtain. Looking down at the triangles of cloth that barely covered her secrets, she tried to slow her breathing.


No one would recognize me in this wig and makeup, she consoled herself and summoned all her courage.

Suddenly the music stopped and loud speakers blasted her cue into the drunken crowd,


“Announcing a little lady who’s going to make you feel Jennerrrific!


She bolted onto the stage, surprising her new coworkers, and immediately locked eyes with the first man she saw. He was a troll but he would do.


The girls said it would work, she told herself.


With a forced smile, Jenner swayed and gyrated to a tune she barely knew. She lowered her eyelids and let herself feel it; the pounding and pulsating sensuality began to sink in. It felt as if someone else had taken her over.


She pulled a knot from her hair letting the wavy length fall down her slender back. The men howled, hooted and catcalled. She knew she had them hooked and relaxed into music that enveloped her nervousness. It was heady and powerful tonic and her fears that fell away.


Slowly she peeled off the triangles to bare her voluptuous breasts, worked her dance movements toward the man and dipped low before him. Jenner felt primal and surprisingly brazen.


With full bosoms dangling before him, she gripped his lapels, pulled him from his stool and kissed him hotly, then shoved him back down, and finished the song with one leg wrapped strategically around the pole center stage.


Bills flew onto the stage from everywhere. She was a success. Jenner collected the bills and turned to exit the stage. Smiling genuinely, she thought, I expected to hook them and now I’m hooked!


By Wildfire8470











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Dangerous Women, Passion's Invocation




Shelby sat near the Princess phone in the house she shared with Nathan. While waiting for her fiancé to call about dinner plans she tried to decide which cosmetics were appropriate. Even now, six months later, she was completely unaccustomed to the makeup intended to enhance natural beauty.


“Makeup with no color,” She murmured, “What a waste.”


Shelby leaned into the mirror trying to discern the contours of her cheekbones, dabbing on light blush and trying to shake off her irritation.


Nathan phoned every Friday, even if he had to return to work after he took her to dinner. Recently, his habit was to ask several coworkers to join them and the dinner was suddenly a business meeting.


Shelby drew a troubled breath, turned to face the makeup mirror and opened her eye shadow. She went about her ablutions which were usually enjoyable, yet seemed an annoying imposition this evening.


The clock struck seven and chimed the time. Something in her wanted to pick it up and hurl it at the wall. Instead, she squelched the momentary urge and reached for the black mascara. She knew the drill. By the time she was ready to apply her lipstick, Nathan would call to tell her he was on his way.


Feeling troubled that his work hours were quickly usurping her time with him; Shelby wondered how long she would be in his company before she would be exiled to listening, not participating. She set about the task at hand lamenting the lonely hours she’d spent waiting for him, but she knew that her anxious loneliness wasn’t all that she was suffering.


Why do I feel so… so?


Lacking an appropriate adjective, she moved on to the distraction of choosing stockings and retrieving footwear from the closet. Shelby rolled her eyes and donned the high-heels she had dyed to match her dress, but couldn’t help eying her fuzzy bedroom slippers longingly. Again, she tried to talk herself out of the pall that had descended upon her,


I worked damned hard to make it into the upper-echelon; to be one of society’s elite. She screwed up her courage, all of her cunning, and leveled her gaze at her reflection, So it doesn’t feel quite right yet, so what? It will in time. So what if you don’t feel like sustaining the facade tonight? You will. You will because you have to!


Shelby pulled her shoulders square narrowing her eyes determinedly, but realized she was gripping the vanity with white knuckles, You can and you will, she chastised herself for even considering the alternative for a second, but She couldn’t drive one thought from mind; I miss being important. Call girl, hooker, prostitute, call it what you want, but I was desired and important.


“I hate this,” she whispered, “Why did grandma call it a deep blue funk? It feels more like red, like danger, lightning storms, and wildfires; like fire engines blasting earsplitting sirens; like screams in the night; like neon, city lights and prostitute-red; urgent, immediate and not to be denied!”


Shelby chafed at the feeling gnawing at her but reached for the coral lipstick, attempting to thwart the pull of the past she had buried, when an old nursery rhyme came to mind, One grammy told me, she thought smiling wistfully while reciting it in mind,


“Sugar and spice
and everything ni… nic…
red,!” She finished,
“That’s what real women are made of!”


Looking around her with fresh eyes, Shelby took in the sterile, white walls adorned with ornate crown molding, the closet doors slid on hinges that wouldn’t dare to squeak, the exquisite crystal figurines and bone china ensconced in the hand-carved breakfront with its shiny lacquered finish.


“I’m a utensil,” Shelby whispered in horrified recognition, “My purpose is for appearances, like this house and the other women traversing these circles. They’ve been dealt with; brainwashed!


She stopped but her mind would not. They make elaborate dinners, entertain business colleagues and invite wives and girlfriends, no drones, she corrected herself, “They float around in chiffon dresses, throwing tea parties and garden parties for their men. They’re… I’m unseen; invisible! 


Our lives are of use only for betterment of social standing; the social standing of our men, our husbands and their families,” Shelby said aloud, “This isn’t what I fought, scraped, scrambled, and scrapped for!”


Turning on her stool, the trappings of the room assaulted her senses; the California King bed with one corner turned down to reveal a precise amount of goose-down pillow in its frilly, embroidered cover caught her eye. She cringed at the white satin sheets under luxuriously rich linens, all of which were finished with a white-satin dust-ruffle trim.


I’m a grown woman trapped in a little girl’s fantasy, Shelby realized.


She longed for a man who was tanned from months spent working in the sun, a man who appreciated a hard day’s work and a longer nights play. Suddenly, Shelby hit her limit,


I would walk through fire to be held and loved by a man with a muscular physique; a rough, wind-scorched body that speaks of using his hands for more than pushing papers across a desk. I want a man who will fuck me wildly, like it’s his last chance; a man to take me roughly, make me crave his attention focused entirely on me. I want him to claim me with longing passion, grateful to give and take pleasure in moments stolen from this too-hectic world.


“I need a man who would sacrifice precious hours and see it as time better spent, even if only for an hour a week. There’s a lot to be said for time that’s heady with desire, lust, longing and hope,” She sighed, “After all of this, after everything I’ve suffered, I’ve dismissed the only identity that is actually my own.”


Her thoughts turned to Nathan’s well-timed niceties; the trinkets, jewelry, and flowers which now took the place of intimacy. She remembered that his hands were still softer and better manicured than her own, and how his mechanical, perfunctory lovemaking left her bereft and sad. Instantly, she was filled with remorse and revulsion.


Her future seemed dismal at best, not at all the picture she had carried with her in mind. Shelby thought that hers would be a Cinderella story. She had imagined newspaper headlines; a fantasy that had sustained her while she reinvented herself:


“Call girl retires to marry rich, eligible bachelor. Couple to honeymoon at exclusive resort in Florida’s South Beach.”


Shelby slumped before the mirror when the phone rang slicing her already frayed nerves.


“Nathan darling,” She answered stifling her sorrow.


“Where would you like to go tonight?” Nathan inquired good-naturedly.


Shelby paused to think. This life is a child’s fantasy; a fairytale. None of this is real and all fairytales end. Stay strong. Her breath caught and stuck in her throat. The only thing she knew with certainty was she could never talk to Nathan about it.


Finally, she gave him the first semi-honest answer she’d had in six months, “I want to go back to the last place.”


“Which place, dear?”


“The one that was red.”


“Oh yes, of course, The Red Lobster then?”


Shelby held her breath, unable to voice her life-altering decision.


Making her way to the walk-in closet, she found the only memento she’d kept. Pulling a red mini-dress from the hanger, Shelby placed the receiver back in its cradle, whispering, “I’ll meet you there.”


It was the last lie she would tell him.

By Wildfire8470

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