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Mirror Image

Mirror Image

Mirror Image


Lexi stared into the mirror unblinking, stunned by her own reflection. She looked away squeezing her eyes shut and shook her head. Then she focused all of her thoughts on her happiest memory; a trick she had learned as a child. When life got too hard, there was a memory, a place to disappear into, but this day wasn’t supposed to be hard.

She was preparing for a party, a celebration of holiday and a night of possibilities. But right now, she wasn’t looking forward to a night of gaiety. She was lying on her back in a tall, thick, corn field ripe with the scent of growth and life. More than the Victorian house she’d grown up in, with it turrets and lovely gables, the corn field was home.   

She had spent so much of her youth holding Jenny’s hand while they whispered of dreams that neither wished to share with another. They picked out cloud shapes, hidden in their meeting place far away from everyone and everything. Her best friend’s hand in hers felt warm and reassuring, a simple touch that took her away from the troubles that waited at home; her abusive brothers, the overly familiar uncle that gave her the creeps. Lexi needed an escape and she’d found one there in the corn field waiting to embrace and envelope her.   

Jenny’s situation hadn’t been much better but they sought and found solace in each other even now. Lexi smiled at the thought of her, then opened her eyes, reached for the phone and froze. Quickly she rifled through her thoughts for where she had acquired the thought that had terrified her moments ago. After all, she rolled her eyes, it could have been an awful story one of my horrible brothers made up to get rid of the kid-sister.

Convinced that must have been where she had learned such a dreadful thing, she turned back to the vanity with lipstick in hand. She looked into the mirror trepidatiously but the reflection hadn’t changed. There was still two of her. One was fainter than the first but there were definitely two of her.  

Lexi panicked. She ran from the mirror dropping her lipstick as she bolted for another room, any other room sans reflective surfaces. She curled up on the couch struggling to remember, battling her own wits and fighting for control, when the memory returned to smack her full-on hard in the face. She was winded and stricken when she recalled the grandmother she loved deeply. Lexi heard her words, spoken in the small hours of the night; just before she’d died.  

Granny had wakened her to come and sit by her bed. She issued instructions about how to protect herself and where to run when she wasn’t safe, or felt scared, by herself. She had imparted wisdom about both of them that defied logic and Lexi listened carefully when granny told her, “The women in this family have knowledge, my dear.”

Lexi interrupted her then, realizing the import and wondering why she hadn’t waited until morning, “I know granny, but I’m only seven. I don’t know very much yet.”  

Granny reached to push a lock of hair from her eyes, saying lovingly, “I know, my child, but I meant a different kind of knowledge. We have a sort of clairvoyance, a precognitive vision. We see the real person behind every persona, and we see when the end is near.”  

“What do you mean, granny? The end?”  

She took Lexi’s hand then and pulled her close. Her features softened with pure love emanating from deep-set eyes that had seen too much in ninety years. She knew Lexi’s terror and had lived the last several years just for her, to protect and provide her support. So much was exchanged in that moment of pause. Then granny said softly, “It’s my time, child. I saw it tonight. Do you understand what I’m telling you, Lexi?”  

She shook her head vehemently, terror-stricken at the realization that she had uttered parting words, “No! Where did… How?”  

“Be calm, little one, shhh,” She issued stroking Lexi’s cheek, “We women know when death is near. When you see a double reflection in the mirror, it means the end of this life. Not all life.” 

“Don’t leave me, granny! You’re wrong! You’re going to live! Tell me what to do! If I smash the mirror it will break the curse!” She ran weeping toward the ivory hand-mirror, meaning to destroy any trace of the evil thing.  

“Stop now, child.”  

“But I must! I have to!”  

“Come here, little girl.”  

Lexi stood defiantly still, sobbing with the wretched, vile object in hand.  

“Come now, Lexi. I have much to tell you and not much time.”

With tears streaking down her face, Lexi flung herself into grandma’s waiting arms.  

She woke several hours later, chiding, I’m only twenty-seven. You’re not about to die, ya goof! Your eyes were tired, obviously. Wait until I tell Jenny, she will get such a hoot from this, she thought smiling at the wives tale, certain that the mirror didn’t kill granny and couldn’t possibly kill anyone.  

Finally, she composed herself and sat upright. Again, she reached for the phone as she wandered back to the vanity. She didn’t even notice that her body was lighter, or that her hand had not made contact with the telephone, just the double mirror-image that confirmed her worst fear. Just as she thought she might faint, granny appeared by the vanity reaching to take her hand; to lead her into the next life.  

By Wildfire8470

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Happy Spooktacular Halloween, everyone!

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Brain Fog Guy

Total and utter brain fog
increasing in density
with a good chance of
zero-visibility brain fog
continuing through the night.
All avenues, in and out,
are closed for the duration.
Nevertheless, write recklessly
and with complete abandon.
Your pen knows how to
get you there safely!


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07/29/2014: The Hard Way

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The Hard Way

Jazmine stared out the window reviewing her actions of late. I’m new to being His slave all the time, she thought, He should have accounted for that, but even she couldn’t let herself off that easily.

Sir Reginald had been patient with her, at first. Their first twenty-four hours had taxed her more than she expected. Still, Jaz was disheartened that he’d been so courteous their first night. He turned down the bed, snuffed out the candles and laid her gently on the bed. She lay in expectant anticipation imagining his large, rough hands seeking all the places that pleasured her beyond measure… until she heard him snoring.

She suffered through the next day with nerves causing her to lock her jaw. Sir Reginald was kind that she had slightly over-cooked the meal, which she served as graciously as she could, but he noticed her stilted gait and clipped responses through clenched teeth. He tried to explain that night, but she was strained beyond recovery,

“I wasn’t neglecting you, Jaz. I meant to give you much-needed rest,” He said without guilt.

“Rest,” she questioned with a screech, “You! You! You!”

Before she could find an appropriate expletive, He scooped her up and banished her to an empty room.

Even now she cringed, picturing herself lifting the milk pitcher and hurling it against the wall behind him. Milk splashed him, soaked the walls and shattered glass scattered, sticking to him and littering the floor. She knew this would take a grand apology.

“Total subservience. Absolute obedience,” she whispered to herself, moving to the door he had turned the lock on, “He must forgive me.”

She knelt leaning face-down prepared to accept her fate, knowing she deserved whatever he would do for punishment, I learn the hard way, but I do learn.


By Wildfire8470

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Her First Infraction

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Her First Infraction

The night was going to be a badly needed reunion with her best friend. Daphne felt that she had come into her own this year and was eager to celebrate as only two sisters can.


She was madly in love with Aidan and he with her. They took up residence together only one month prior. It wasn’t the collar or the proposal she had hoped for, “but it’s a good start,” she grinned into the makeup mirror.


Aiden wrapped his arms around her from behind, kissing her neck in the places that drive her crazy. With every kiss, he asked for her word, “Promise you will call if you’re going to be late… or you know what the punishment will be.”


“Yes, Aiden, I will,” Daphne smiled wondering if he would actually follow through on his threat to spank her, even as she prepared to test his mettle. Just the thought kept her in hot debate. She zipped her travel bag as Aiden hesitantly left the room.


Daphne lifted the phone and dialed her friend, “Hey Chloe, I’m all set! Can I stay in your guest room tonight?”


By Wildfire8470

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