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Lilly’s Will

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Lilly’s Will

LillyLilly sat at her laptop feeling lost. She had always thrown herself into work, or run anywhere, to stay busy. Today, she had avoided thought, cleaning the already clean apartment. Twice, she paused to glare at the laptop,

“It taunts me,” she thought ruefully.

Days ago, she had site-hopped and found herself in a chat room called “The Hookup.” There, she met a man who occupied her thoughts all week. He asked questions that made her reach down deep to provide answers. He intrigued as well as frightened her.

Lilly couldn’t stop wondering if she should have accepted the date he proposed, and didn’t know if she would get the chance again.

Exhausted, she closed her eyes to will away both man and machine, but the laptop sat defiantly upon the table, refusing to vanish or self-destruct.

She finally caved, and returned to “The Hookup.”

Immediately, a chat box opened and she scanned the words carefully.

“Meet me. Saturday night at 8pm. The Corner Tavern. Take this one chance, Lil. If you don’t like me, I won’t try to keep you.”

Lilly hit reply and typed a response that even surprised her,

“Saturday, Corner Tavern, 8pm. Keep me.”

By Wildfire8470

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Passion's Invocation, Tuesday Teasers


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Flower-stained dresser and wallCalenda and I have been roommates since she started college. She rented my spare room and four years later she’s still rooming here. She was a Drama and Dance major, and is definitely the ultimate drama queen. If she isn’t looking for trouble, trouble comes to lean on the doorbell. Still, she’s like my baby sister.

Tonight, I found her her seated before a large vase containing only bare stems, and a water glass filled with whiskey. I quickly surveyed the room to find it filled with a dozen vases, all filled with bare stems. Then it registered that she had ripped the roses off and hurled them at the wall. The photo of her boyfriend was beyond repair.

I knelt beside Calenda and asked, “Boy trouble?” She shook her head and sighed. I took her hand and led her to the couch, put on her favorite movie and made popcorn.

As I took a seat next to her, I scrambled for something light to say, “The flowers were colorful. Good aim! I give ya a 9.7,” I laughed jovially. She finally smiled and I suspected that we would be trying to repair the photograph before another day passed.


By Wildfire8470

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Passion's Invocation, Tuesday Teasers

High Stakes Gambling

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HS Gambling

Brindle planned her vacation with voracious excitement. It was seven years since her last.


“My last date, my last anything,” she thought.


Her sister had mentioned Las Vegas and Brindle leapt at the idea. Visions of luxury and room service whirled in mind until she picked up the phone and called her,


“Hey, sis! Let’s talk Vegas, baby,” Brindle laughed happily.


“Alright,” Fondra yelled, “and bring your online guy… the one that you met in a naughty chat room!”


Brindle hesitated. Jack had become more to her than she cared to admit. She craved him, craved his touch, craved time alone with him.


“C’mon, Brindle! Gamble a little!”


“Okay,” she acquiesced, “I’ll invite him, but this is high stakes gambling, sis,” she warned with trepidation.


The week began with fun and games. Brindle fell hard for Jake, and he for her, though they had been talking for a year already.


Fondra hated him on sight. She became a mean, constant, loud drunk. Brindle’s dreams of luxury and relaxation crashed down around her.


She spent days refereeing fights until she could take no more.


High stakes for sure,” she raged angrily, “I’m going to fix this,” she whispered determinedly.


Brindle grabbed Jake, reserved a different room, and changed her flight home. She was bereft, feeling as though she had lost herself, her sister, Jake, and anything she could have won.


By week’s end, she tossed everything behind her, letting the chips fall where they may.


By Wildfire8470

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Passion's Invocation, Tuesday Teasers

Like So Much Garbage

Writing Prompt 3/19/13

Image Writing Prompt:  ©Murbo Dagldiyan


Alexis was raised sheltered, overprotected and cloistered in her stifling Roman Catholic family. She was slowly suffocating and knew she must escape before they stifled her will to live. After college, she joined a BDSM club with its own dungeon. Even now, she was still changing in the restrooms before and after she partook.


“This is ridiculous,” she screamed in her car, “I’m old enough to choose my own path!”


Alexis pulled into the driveway, ran into the house, and repeated same to stunned parents. They responded with the “wrath of God,” as she mostly suspected they would. Her father yelled,


“Let’s see you out tonight, with no car, no clothes, no food, and no money!”


Alexis ran, terrified, until she couldn’t run anymore. She made her way several blocks further and exhaustion claimed her. She crept into a construction site to lay down on a cold, steel forklift, feeling stripped, as though she were lying there raw and naked, thrown to the streets like so much garbage, and vowing to never return.


By Wildfire8470



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Passion's Invocation, Tuesday Teasers

Whipped Cream, Handcuffs, and Strawberries

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Whipped Cream, Handcuffs & Strawberries

Kendal was nearly finished with the work week. She was stressed and heaved a sigh of relief when she finished just as the clock read 5pm. She shoveled the rest of her work into her briefcase, paying no attention to the chaotic mess. Since she had met Richard, all she could think of was one thing, seeing him.

“Well, okay, two things,” she amended her thoughts with a devious smile.

She pushed her chair back from the computer and stood to gather belongings. The weekend ahead was filled with promise, the promise of being in his strong, capable arms, being touched intimately by those dexterous fingers, being kissed by his perfect lips. It was everything she could do to get through the work days with her thoughts surrounding him.

As Kendal headed for the elevators, that meant escape to her, a coworker shoved an envelope into her hands.

“No,” she protested, “I have unbreakable plans!”

“Calm down now,” he said, “It’s not work. It’s a card addressed to you. It just arrived.”

“Oh,” she said, surprised anyone knew where she worked. Then she saw the photo tucked inside. Kendal pulled the card from the envelope mystified. Then she recognized Richard’s penmanship.

“Go to the Hyatt Regency downtown. Take a cab. Dinner and desert await. I’ll take you back to your car when I’m good and ready.”

Kendal all but bolted from the elevator when the silver door slid open. She ran to flag down a cab as she realized she suddenly had a craving for something sweet.

The weekend was filled with promise…

By Wildfire8470

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Passion's Invocation, Tuesday Teasers

Fire To Her Ice

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FIRE Fire to Her Ice ICE


When Karly dreamed, it was only of him. She could think of nothing and no one else. It was breaking all of her rules, but she let him into her head and her heart. She didn’t want to love him and couldn’t help but love him. Only he could quench her hunger, her most secret desires, and they both knew it. 

Karly spent her nights waiting, though she wouldn’t admit as much to herself. Last week he had asked for a key to her apartment. She hesitated, biting her lip, unwilling to reply, but she had given it to him the next night and he confronted her directly,

“Why do you hesitate, Karly?”

She cast her eyes to the ground and tried to stop shivering.

“I… I’m not… really, much,” she stuttered in his commanding presence.

You are. You are but you don’t when I do this.”

He kissed her hard and long. Karly couldn’t breathe, yet didn’t want to. He caused everything in her to conflict. She fought her riotous emotions knowing it was a losing battle.

“You see,” he held her at arm’s length; “You don’t hesitate when I kiss you. What’s wrong, Karly?”

“Nothing,” she breathed into his ear.

“Nothing what,” he asked her sternly.

“Nothing, M.. Mas… ter…”

“Better,” he replied, “But you will be punished until you can look me in the eyes and say it without any hesitation.”

Karly smiled, knowing she may hesitate a little longer than she felt the need to. His punishment was part of what scorched her body, mind, and soul. She knew that he would always be fire to her ice, and she loved that about him.

By Wildfire8470

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