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Divine Delicious Debauchery

Divine Delicious Debauchery


Divine Delicious Debauchery


“Come join me in divine, delicious debauchery,” he said in a voice so enticingly seductive, Amy couldn’t believe he had said it to her.


She had lived a sheltered life, barely more than an existence really, and she checked the spaces beside and behind her to be sure he wasn’t addressing someone else.


Jesse stood with his hand out, piercing her with his grey eyes and holding her stare with his own. She took a step and started to reach, but withdrew. He didn’t falter. His arm stayed outstretched, with his rough hand extended, palm up, insistent and waiting.


Again Amy reached haltingly and this time he clasped her hand in his before she could change her mind. Nevertheless, he didn’t move. Jesse stood still, raking her with his eyes, and she realized it was a challenge. The decision to move any further would be hers.


Jesse cocked a brow, refusing to take his eyes off hers. She risked a full length glance and realized that he oozed sensuality. Every inch of his delicious body made her teeth sweat, but she wondered about the long term prospect thinking, he is delicious, and maybe we will be a divine union. Will we love deeply enough to make even debauchery divine in our perfection, or is he the epitome of walking sex with a few ten dollar words?


But she already knew half the answer. No one had ever aroused her interest the way he had in the space of five minutes. And I’m sick of my boring life. I’m sick of my world. I’m sick to death of nothing ever changing.


Amy clasped Jesse’s hand more tightly and took the first step.


Jesse grinned with wickedness shining in his eyes and licked his full lips.


Amy was hit by the enormity of making a sudden decision which she would never be able to turn back from. It was thrilling and terrifying. Amy wasn’t sure if she wanted to laugh hysterically or lose her lunch.



By Wildfire8470






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Shooting the Ocean

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Shooting the Ocean 

Part 1


Image from: http://free-images.gatag.net/2013/02/19/160000.html

She stood on the boardwalk at Jones Beach State Park. She couldn’t believe her luck. A single week ago, she had graduated college and now her feet were standing on a beach. She watched the sunset with the Atlantic rising majestically to pummel the sand as waves crashed down with the rush and sound of fulfillment. It’s something akin to a sadistic mating dance, she thought.


Jasper began shooting the ocean and wondering how much these two elements must love one another. She watched dark, powerful ocean slap the sand sadistically, chasing earth inland in wild pursuit, only to pull a fraction of earth back to sea in enticing, seductive retreat. Its intimate give and take, and an eternal exchange of energy. Nothing can ever end this, she mused excitedly.

Standing alone in the moonlight, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she realized that shooting the ocean made her nothing shy of an intrusive voyeur. Jasper rolled her eyes at herself, ugh, the worst kind.


She’d caught many shots that were much more than just the wildness of Mother Nature. These are unique, one-of-a- kind photos with an intense, sensual point of view, she told herself, not like the repetitive National Geographic Magazine, she grinned lost in thought. Then Jasper hugged her camera and did a small, celebratory jump-twist.


It was as if the wide-angle lens of innocent curiosity lead her to stumble upon lecherous lovers thought hidden. Jasper knew she should leave but froze in fascination. She knew these photos would be rewarded handsomely, as certainly as she knew that cashing her paycheck would feel too similar to walking away from a John and tucking his money into her thigh-high boot.


Nonetheless, she couldn’t let it dampen her spirits. She was ecstatic knowing these shots would ‘make her’. These photos would be the beginning of a stellar reputation and career. She ran for the boardwalk anxious to tuck her equipment safely into a photography bag.


Jasper returned to the stairs below the boardwalk, bent down to retrieve her shoes and found herself looking into piercing, ice blue eyes as a scream welled up in her throat.


By Wildfire8470


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Charlotte’s Vow

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Charlotte’s Vow

1-17-2014 Charlotte's Vow

Char had always been a dreamer and sort of a mystic. Ours were typical stories:  Abusive families, rebellious teens, running away together and turning to prostitution to stay alive.


We made a pact that day. We vowed to take care of each other from that day to the grave. She gripped my shoulder saying, “Beyond the grave!” She vowed that if she died first, she’d find some way to let me know she’s still with me.


Immediately after the fact, an unmarked package arrived. When opened, the contents wafted thru my fingers like fog, whispering my name… and I just knew.


By Wildfire8470

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What She Needed

Hot Guy 1-10-14

“Eric damned near had me,” Lindsey whispered infuriated, “I was practically half way down the aisle! I need…

Lindsey stopped short as the knowledge sank in that she didn’t know what she needed, or what it would take to get over her broken engagement and broken heart.

Instead, she put her Mazda in gear and gunned it to the freeway. She followed any signs headed south until road construction forced traffic to a crawl.

Then she saw him, heavy chains dangling around his muscular chest. The man was walking sex, sans wedding ring. Suddenly, Lindsey knew exactly what she needed.

By Wildfire8470

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