Passion's Invocation, TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday 11-15-2016


November 15, 2016

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1. What shoes would you like to fill today?




The Louis Vuitton stilettos of an independently wealthy 24 year old dancer. Perhaps something like a pair of these:




2. What is the next big dollar purchase you are planning to make?


Chewing gum. LOL! Car paint job.


3. You have $100,000 to spend on friends. How would you spend it?


Get my family and friends entirely out of debt, cover all future healthcare/necessities, make sure they can relax in the luxury of their choice for the rest of their lives.


4. You have $5,000 to spend on your significant other. How would you spend it?


Invest in his/our future in a mutually agreed upon way.


5. What is your favorite waste of time ?


Crafting, Dreaming, Learning for my own benefit, Sleep.




Bonus: Tell us about the most mischievous thing you did as a kid.


Get out of being sent to an all girl, Catholic junior high/high school by asking my family to define dildo, and several other choice explitives, which I learned in Catholic school.


*It’s not ALL about the Benjamins!


by Wildfire8470




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7 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday 11-15-2016”

  1. Shame. As a geezer I have many fond and foggy memories of those school uniforms. Now those shoes on the other hand about those shoes you would like to fill. Oww.

      1. Actually I don’t remember ever saying that, but my mom swears by it. I suspect the real reason was they ran out of money and couldn’t afford the tuition LOL

  2. I was missing my gum last week. thankfully I got some today at the grocer. tuesdays are my food ‘n’ wine days. mostly wine. I was contemplating going back to smoking and none of us want that.

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