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Anything You Desire

Anything You Desire

Car Sex


I knew that I should have left the house sooner but didn’t count on my neighbor, Tina, stopping by for a “short visit.” She just kept talking, no matter how many times I told her that I had to go! Now I’m stuck in traffic on the highway and I don’t want to miss your train. You’ve been away on business for months and I can’t be late. I am gripping the wheel frantically, as my fingernails dig into my palms,

“Damn the luck! Damn you, Tina,” I curse under my breath.

Finally, traffic is moving again and all I can think of is being in your arms, and all the ways that you will possess me this afternoon, unless I am too late to pick you up. Driving maniacally, I weave in and out of cars, standing on the accelerator, swearing that I’m not going to miss you today.

Maneuvering the car into a parking spot, I jump from behind the wheel, not bothering to lock it, and run for the station. Moving with panther stealth, I cut a path through the crowd on the platform while I search for your handsome face. Then I heave a sigh of relief when I see that your train is just pulling into the station.

“Amen and hallelujah,” I mutter to myself, while scanning the dark corners of this packed station, hoping that we can find some immediate privacy somewhere nearby. I’ve been waiting so long for this visit and, at last, I see you step from the train!

Bolting from the spot where I stood, I leap into your arms, wrapping my arms and legs around you. Then I kiss you with a furious passion that I didn’t know I had in me. With a knowing smile, you set me back on my feet, put your arm around my waist, and steer me towards the parking lot.

Upon arriving at the car, you spin me around forcefully and pin me against the car door, before I even realize what you’ve done. Pulling me fully against you, in an embrace that spoke of your deep longing, you crush your lips to mine in a kiss that seems to last forever and yet, not nearly long enough.

Already, I can feel your granite-hard need against my thigh and I’m more ready than I’ve ever been, but then you suddenly tear yourself away. It nearly causes me physical pain to break away from you now, but I can tell you have a plan.

In one fluid movement, you pull the car door open and push me face-first over the seat, nudging my legs apart with your knee. With only a word, you issue a soft command,


I want to obey, but my nerves get the better of me and I can’t help trying to steal glances over my shoulder. My mind is racing, “What if someone should pass by close enough to see us… or hear?” Again, I attempt to peek out the windows, but I dare not raise my head high enough to see. You already know how uneasy I’m feeling, but you have waited too long for this and I know that you won’t stop now.

Then you swiftly pull my dress up over my ass. I am nervous but keep quiet, as I’d already promised to do anything you desire; to obey with complete and utter trust. Too, I know that we have both been in need of this for far too long.

Once you have slowed, to take your time looking me over, bent over at your will, I hear you unzip your pants. I squeeze my eyes shut, praying that no one will walk by, as you plunge your thick erection deeply into my fiery cunt; all the way in until your balls slam into my ass. I gasp, sucking my breath in hard, to stop myself from crying out. Then you slowly pull back, until my tight, wet cunt is clinging to just the head of your long, firm cock. Then you begin a rhythm, pushing in and out, agonizingly slowly, really meaning to test the very limit of my word.

Small whimpers escape and fill the air, telling you of my longing, and my overwhelming pleasure; my craving finally fulfilled. You thrust hard and deep, bringing your hand down hard against my ass cheek time and again.

I am almost breathless from our mutual lust and, for just a moment, I forget where we are.

“More!” I cry out as I let your spanking set me aflame with an electric heat that begins at my ass and flows all the way down to my ultimate desire; crackling deep inside my tightening cunt. Then your deep tone cut into my thoughts,

“My girl likes to be spanked, doesn’t she?”

With that, you fucked me hard, fast, and deep; keeping one hand at my waist to steady me and the other cracking my ass harder and faster. I feel you thickening length inside me, growing even harder, and I can tell that you are close. But your voice brings me back to full consciousness, reminding me of our precarious location and I cling to my embarrassment in silence.

“Admit it,” you demanded, “You like to be spanked, don’t you?”

“okay! I admit it! Just don’t stop!” I retorted with a heated, desperate cry.

Then I realize that I am begging you, as I have never done with anyone before, but I cannot help myself. Right now, I don’t even recognize myself, but hardly care anymore.

You slam into me hard again and then you give me long, even strokes, all the way in and out; slowly, sensually, and then hard and fast, gaining momentum while you pusher deeper with every stroke. My soaking wet pussy is clutching your manhood and I can feel my own wetness on my thighs as you pull your cock away from me.

“Huh? Wha..? No!” I began, stunned that you were able stop at the moment.

I’m so lost that I’m pleading with and begging you, but my pleas fall upon deaf ears as you deftly pull down the zipper at the back of my dress. Then you turn me slightly, to slide the dress from my frame, only to find that I’ve worn nothing beneath it.

“Ohhh myyyy, Lil Bit!” I can tell that you’re completely astounded and extremely impressed.

You can’t believe that I’ve been brazen enough to arrive in just a flimsy little sundress and nothing more. My cheeks are flushed with embarrassment that you have discovered my secret. In my haste to dress quickly, I decided that no one would be the wiser if I just didn’t wear my panties and bra. With crimson cheeks, I wait until you lie atop me and then bury my face in your chest.

Sliding your still hard cock into me again, you begin a long slow rhythm; fucking me so deeply, so slowly, forcing me to just lay there and take it; take everything you wish to do to me, everything you desire, in this too public parking lot. Small cries escape me but you have no mercy for me, while you’re forcing me to endure this sweet torture for such a long time.

Finally, neither one of us can stand anymore. You begin to pummel me in a fast frenzy as your full, tight balls slap my ass. I want to scream my pleasure right out loud as my pussy explodes in unbearable, blinding, release; with my cunt throbbing hard around your thick girth, as your pulsing length spills your seed deep inside of me.

At last, you collapse against my back and hold me tightly. I’m smiling to myself, almost giddy in knowing that you’ve finally given me what I’ve been craving for months, that I have kept my promise faithfully, and that I’ve more than pleased you too.

After a long moment, I let you pull me up, help me to slip my dress back on, smooth it back into place, and hug me to you with a long, promising kiss. Then you quickly deposit me into the passenger seat and slide behind the wheel. Then, for a brief moment, we lock eyes in silent understanding.

Finally, you pull the car from the parking spot and head for the nearest hotel. Home is just too far away right now, but I know we will get there eventually. I trust you to take me wherever you wish, and I’ll go there with you willingly.



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…Give Me Truth

A quote that has always

been dear to my heart:



Rather than love, than money,

than faith, than fame, than fairness…

give me truth.”

Henry David Thoreau, Into The Wild




Even if it’s hard and it hurts.





Book Cover Photo From Wikipedia:

Into The Wild

By Jon Krakauer


Special thanks to Dt for reminding me of this quote.

P.S. You should be writing. :o)


Passion's Invocation

The ‘L Word’

The L Word



Daniel held a candle to her face looking into her eyes and straight into her soul. Kathleen felt stunned and shaken. She locked her eyes on the ground but he lifted her chin gently, firmly denying her ability to hide inside herself. She turned away quickly, whispering, “Stop.”

Softly, he said, “Kathleen, stop what?”

She stood with her back to him, her eyes resolutely riveted on the sand, unable to speak. He laid hands on her shoulders delicately, fearing she may break into a million pieces, only slightly aware that she feared the same.

After a long moment, she whispered the question that plagued her since she had agreed to see him, “Why did you come, Daniel?”

“I came for you,” he replied.

“Stop, please,” she issued her broken warning, hiding tears that rolled down her cheeks, “Tell me the real reason.”

“Because I love you,” he answered. Kathleen feared him as much as loved him. She wanted to scream, swear, and curse his name for uttering the horrendous lie, but couldn’t suffer through it again. She had to know and couldn’t bear to know. Instead, she shook her head hotly in disbelief. She had so little strength left and knew the ensuing fight came down to the same lie that tumbled so easily from his lips. It hurt too much to hear it from him.

It would drain what was left of her to run away; to escape before her soul was damaged beyond her ability to recover, but the thought held her like a vice. The only thing she knew with certainty was there would be no healing; no recovery this time. It was ‘do or die,’ for her. It was time to ‘put up or shut up.’ It was dire need of proof she didn’t have.

“Did you hear me,” he questioned her.

“I can’t,” she cried, “I, I… can’t!” It was all she could say in her intense pain.

“You do love me. I know you do. You don’t believe me? After all this time, you don’t believe me?”

By the time he could question her further, she bolted for the highway. Gripped by terror, she didn’t hear Daniel one step behind her. He tackled her to the ground and flipped her over to face him. Kathleen swiped tears from her face and fought him violently.

Lying atop her, she was no match for him. He caught her fists to pin them down, asking angrily, “What the hell, Kathleen? What is going on with you?”

She couldn’t tell him; couldn’t explain so she fought, writhing and struggling for all she was worth, and finally released a discouraged cry, “Let me go!”

Daniel moved his face closer to hers, kissed her hard and answered angrily, “No!”

“No,” she asked stupefied, “Haven’t you had enough? This is too hard! I just… can’t,” she sighed feeling the last of her fight desert her body. Kathleen went limp. This is it, she thought, I should have run into the ocean. At least my suffering would be over by now.

“Talk to me, Kathy. Why are you crying and running away? I don’t understand.” He was obviously angry, confounded and tired too. It showed, yet he maintained an unnerving, controlled calm. She wondered why he didn’t wrap his strong hands around her throat and strangle her. Yet strangely, she wasn’t afraid. I wish he would just do it and get it over with

“Kathy, what are you so afraid of,” he asked in exasperation.

“Don’t call me that,” she ordered weakly, “That girl is… she’s,” Kathleen stopped short, not having strength to continue, knowing this was only the beginning of all that she hadn’t explained to him… and never would.

“Go on,” Daniel persuaded.

Again she attempted to avoid the ensuing explosion that would surely destroy her and sternly said, “I can’t breathe!” She hoped she had said it louder than it sounded.

“And you won’t until you start talking,” Daniel yelled.

“I can’t,” she screamed. This confession would likely be the death of her. She turned her head and set her jaw defiantly, determined not to go down without one last all-out warDaniel gripped her wrists in one hand and forced her chin up to face him.

For a moment she was afraid but would never show it. He watched her eyes intently, pleased with the surprise and fear he saw there. It was gone in a blink, replaced with stone-faced, icy silence but he knew Kathleen well enough that he didn’t need to question what he saw in her.

Daniel summoned all his strength and spoke with quiet reservation, “We’ve known each other a lifetime already, Kathy. Thirty years is a long time to deny what we both already know.”

She turned a venomous glare at him for using the nickname again, “She’s dead,” she spat, choking back tears.

Daniel shook his head.

“Don’t shake your head at me. I wanted her dead!”

“She’s angry and hurt but I assure you she’s alive… and she’s you,” he said, measuring every word, making sure to speak with intuitive knowledge and sensitivity that wouldn’t push her back to fighting him again.Kathleen closed her eyes summoning strength she didn’t have.

Instinctively, he brushed his hand across her cheek and gently kissed her lips. Feeling more asleep than awake, she forgot herself. Suddenly she was acutely aware of his hard frame on top of her, the heat of their bodies in the slight chill of ocean air, how tender his kiss was, how their bodies fit together and the memories returned like a deluge.

Kathleen kissed him back with an urgent desire that caught her completely off-guard. “Oh shit!”

Daniel pushed up slightly to watch her eyes and grinned happily.

“Daniel, I’m sorry. Why does this keep happening? Shit! Shit! Shit!”

“Because,” he began.

She immediately shushed him but that didn’t hamper his spirits, “Because you were half asleep, not listening to your thoughts.”

“But I didn’t,”

“Shhh,” he cut her off, “Your emotions, instinct and intuition take over when you turn off thoughts. Kathy is in there and I won’t give you a moment of rest until I revive her.”

Already beyond any exhaustion she had ever known, all she could comprehend was how his body melded to hers, how hot and hard he was against her and how much she craved him, how badly she wanted him deep inside her.

Eventually, she started to wonder if any man would go to this length to maintain a lie, then broke down and began to explore her curiosity, “Daniel, if I feel what you think I do, where does it leave us? If we actually do share more than just lust, we’re practically at opposite ends of the states. It’s hopeless.”

Still grinning, Daniel replied, “I know you do and it’s not hopeless. It’s hopeful.”

Wanting to squirm just from the heat between her thighs and wanting to be able to move her aching arms, she asked, “May I have my arms back, please?”

Daniel’s face grew serious and again she felt him looking into her eyes and straight down into her soul. Several minutes passed and he asked, “You won’t fight me or try to run?”

Kathleen readily agreed and he slowly eased pressure on her wrists until she drew her arms to her sides rubbing her wrists and laughed, “That was one hell of a tackle, Danny. Honestly, you should have gone out for football!”

“Danny,” he asked, with a wide smile.

“Daniel! I meant Daniel! Shit!”

“Nooo! You can’t take it back now! You haven’t called me that since high school!”

At last, thirty years later, she was ready to throw in the towel, wave the white flag and let herself love and care for him, even if she couldn’t say the ‘L word’ quite yet.

Okay, Danny, you win. I give. I’m saying ‘Uncle.’ I surrender! Okay?”

“Well,” he hedged, biding his time and plotting, “Exactly what am I saying ‘okay’ to?”


“I need to know because I have all weekend to lay here pinning you down!”

“You know,” Kathy laughed and socked his arm.

“No, I don’t. Not until I hear it from you.”

“Alright! The ‘L word,’ damn it!”

“You ‘L word’ me?”

Kathy rolled her eyes as a low growl escaped her, “Yes! Can we go to bed now?”

Danny pinned her wrists again and asked softly, sincerely, “Say it. Okay? I know you can do it. Just try.”

Kathy wondered if she had ever not loved him and blurted, “I love you, Danny! Nobody else makes me nuts like you! If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t care. I’d tell you any lie and leave. I love you! Take me to bed please!”

“Best offer I’ve heard all night,” he smiled, pulling her to her feet and into a bear hug.

Danny had known. He knew that his Kathy was still in her soul. She’d been wounded too deeply. She didn’t want to love anyone. Her heart had been through the shredder, but her soul was still intact… and her love and devotion was his.

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Passion's Invocation

Only Us

Only Us

Only Us

It was New Year’s morning and you were badly hung-over, after celebrating well into the early morning hours, but I could not help teasing you.


I giggled at you as you cringed and pulled a pillow over your head. I tugged at the pillow just to tease and the tug-of-war was on! We both gripped an end, wrestling, pulling, and yanking with all of our might, until the pillow split open.

Thousands of feathers littered the air and you shot me a glare as you reached for my hairbrush. I made a hasty exit from the room and prayed you would remember none of it.

Later that morning I crashed on the couch for a few extra hours of sleep, until your touch summoned me into a waking dream. You cupped and stroked my bare bottom, kissed by the crisp air. My cunt was moist and available to you, with need growing in my body and soul.

“Yes,” I whispered softly, again and again.

I had not yet opened my eyes and was unready to let go of the sensations you were causing in me, but then you stopped stroking. I pleaded with you, even in my exhaustion from our New Year’s activities.

“Nooo. Don’t stop. Not yet. Okay? Please?”

Your hand caressing my cheeks was suddenly replaced; hard, cool ivory, stiff bristles! Realization!

It is the unmistakable feel of my antique, ivory hairbrush, moving, raking over my exposed ass. My entire being tensed with the thought of your retribution. Then you spoke for the first time, as you raised the brush high into the air,

“Lil Bit, I think we need to talk about the way you woke me this morning!” Swooosh! CRACK! You brought the brush down hard on my ass, ordering,

“Now go stand beside the couch and bend over. March,” you ground out through clenched teeth.

I dragged my weary body from the sofa, grudgingly. You waited in tense anticipation until I gripped the back of the sofa. I fought the urge to rub my stinging cheeks but nonetheless, a smart-ass remark tumbled from my lips before I could stop it,

“Ouuuccchhh! Fuck! Fuckin’ can’t take a joke!”

I quickly shut my mouth but the words were out, hanging in the air between us. The room went suddenly still.

After an interminable moment, you took a step. I winced as I pictured what that remark would cost me. You walked swiftly around the couch and put your face to mine, so close that our noses almost touched. I could feel your hot breath on my cheek but I kept my eyelids lowered. Then you spoke, haltingly,

“WHAT – WAS – THAT,” Your voice was barely controlled anger and I bit my lower lip.

“N… nothing… honest,” I blurted, while I stared hard at the couch cushion, trying to pretend I had said nothing.

You turned away and sat down. I could not look at you but I knew you were shaking your head in disbelief. I held my breath and waited while you slapped my ivory brush against your palm rhythmically. Then you laid your head back on the couch and locked your eyes with mine.

“Care to tell me another lie, my Lil Bit? I’ll be happy to take it out of your ass.”

Though your voice dripped with disdain, I thought I had detected some small degree of amusement and clung to that hope, which proved to be short-lived. Then you moved to sit at the edge of the couch again, spread your legs, and issued your command,


Though I was aching from holding my position, being free to move was small comfort. I walked slowly, taking tiny steps, to approach with as much dignity as I could muster.

I stood before you with my eyes riveted to the floor. You tapped your thigh, motioning me to take my position over your lap. I chanced a glance at the brush, which you held in your palm next to your thigh, and I cringed. Swallowing around the lump in my throat and bent to take my position. You dropped the brush on the end table and picked up a heavy, plastic jar opener, to drag it over the backs of my thighs.

“Do you have anything to tell me, Lil Bit?”

I slammed my eyes shut tight and swallowed the words that leapt to my lips.

“Well?” you pushed.

I squirmed in staunch defiance and remained stubbornly silent. You raised your hand and brought the opener down hard. Swoosh! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

I let go a small scream, as much from being startled as from pain.

Instantly, I clamped one hand over my mouth as the other went to protect my burning ass. Without a word, you wrestled my arm behind me as you brought the jar opener down over my cheeks in rapid succession.

My mind was screaming when you paused to run your hand over my ass and admire the bright red hue. Then your voice sliced the air in its barely controlled calm and cut through the pain to reach me on a level I‘d never known.

“You could apologize and save yourself some pain,” You taunted.

I lifted my head slightly, blood still rushing through my ears, and momentarily considered the option. I knew there were times when my stubborn pride didn’t serve me well, but I collapsed into my righteous indignation anyways. Again, your voice interrupted my thoughts,

“Is there something you would like to say to me?”

Your superior tone set me off and I spit the words out acidly,

Not sorry!” I stated emphatically.

I didn’t get the words out before you cracked the hard plastic across my ass repeatedly, landing it faster and harder against my bare cheeks. I squirmed and kicked vehemently, fighting for control, but was rapidly losing the battle. Then you paused to still my legs and brought the opener up between my thighs, raking it lightly over my hot pussy lips while you spoke,

“I know that you think you’re ‘tough girl’ but you’re really just my Lil Bit.”

It wasn’t a question. It was a statement that was filled with affection. Your voice gripped my heart and twisted.

“You know better than to behave like that. Don’t you?”

Emotions assailed and I went to war with myself. You dropped the opener and rubbed my fiery ass cheeks, running your fingers over me teasingly, while you watched me do battle with my internal dilemma. After a long moment, I finally began to let go of my stubbornness and tried to speak.

“Y… ye…s,” I stammered.”

You moved your fingers lower to run them up and down the insides of my thighs. The searing heat of your touch scorched me and I was suddenly filled with white-hot need. Then one finger grazed my womanhood, exposing my innermost secrets. You parted me with two fingers while a third searched out my aching clit, knowing just how to unlock all of my darkest, wanton desires.

I wasn’t prepared for the fire you started in me and I went up on toes to squirm away, but you would have none of it. Your strong arm encircled me, as two fingers found the entrance to my every pleasure, pulling me back down as you drove them into me.

I was overcome; too filled with my renewed love for you, too lost in letting go of the cause I had been hell-bent on, too far gone to fight you, or me, anymore. Then you stopped abruptly and a small, strangled cry escaped me,


“No what?” you whispered.

“N… No… pl….ease don’t st… stop. Please,” I was nearly sobbing.

Then you gathered me into your arms and pulled me into your lap. I took a deep breath and heaved a sigh of relief, as I rested my head on your shoulder and curled around you. I drank in the assurance that I never failed to find in you and finally whispered in your ear,

“I’m sorry, baby.”

Then you lifted my chin until our eyes met and softly said,

“I know you are, my Lil Bit.”

We searched each other’s eyes for the longest time. There was no trace of anger or unresolved feelings there, just a deeper love than I had ever felt before.

Neither one of us had realized how late it had gotten, so you placed me beside you to move. As you stood I reached for the lamp, but you stayed my hand and whispered,


You went to the kitchen and I let myself reflect on the day. When you returned with candles, I was making every effort to stifle my laughter. You turned to ask me what was so funny, but I looked at your face and burst into hysterics while I tried to explain,

“You! You should have seen yourself!” I howled!

“Just what are you talking about, darling?” You were obviously perplexed but prepared, with your hand poised over the hairbrush.

“You! This morning! All pissed off and spitting out pillow feathers!”


I grabbed my sides, laughing uncontrollably, and
toppled off the couch. Then you grabbed a couch pillow and swatted me with it until your laughter joined with mine. Finally, we released the day’s tension and you lay down next to me, right there on the carpet.

We made intense, primal, primitive love all night, rolling and writhing in each other’s arms, both of us completely lost in each other; in the give and take, in the reaffirmation of the deeply profound love that we have and share, together. Only you… Only me… Only us…

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