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Wham! Bam! Thank you Man!

Wham! Bam! Thank you Man!

Wham Bam Man


Sylvie and I sat in the bleachers watching our favorite football player. Tomorrow was the big game and the whole college was buzzing about Erik. He was the key player on our team, but neither of us cared. We were there to ogle his bulging, rippling muscles and laugh amongst ourselves.

Several others from our sorority joined with Laura leading the pack,

“I knew you two were keeping a secret hideout,” she glared at us and turned her gaze toward the players as they wandered from the field. Her search turned to Erik and she laughed,


Just then, Erik passed our gang and tossed me a wink saying,

“Great workout. Were gonna kick their asses tomorrow. Like what ya see?”

All of us nodded and giggled inanely.

“Shana,” he said, singling me out, “I gotta hit the shower. Come with?”

His eyes were locked on mine and there was no amusement to be found.

“Uh, okay.” I croaked with my eyes bulging wide.

The girls rushed me like linebackers, screaming “He knows you?”

With a grin that nearly swallowed my face, I replied, “Guess so,” with a nonchalant shrug.

“Oh! Don’t play coy with me,” Laura howled, “You have been hiding out here for a reason, sister! You want his body!”

“And the feeling is mutual from what I can tell,” Melinda laughed softly.

“Melinda,” I cried, “This from sister shy mouse?”

She turned her eyes to the ground staring hard at her feet.

“Quick,” Linda hissed, “He’s leaving! You go and we’ll follow!”

“You will,” I asked incredulously.

“Hell yeah,” she replied staunchly, “I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Go!”

I turned on my heel and started toward the locker room as Erik risked a peek over his shoulder. Once inside, the girls scattered to hide, I presumed to listen in, when Sylvie shoved me into the shower room and disappeared.

Hearing my footsteps, Erik turned with a Cheshire cat grin asking, “Like what you see now?”

I stood frozen with my eyes locked on his naked body and fully erect manhood until he grabbed my hand and pulled me in. He kissed me dizzy and unbuttoned my blouse.

“Go out with me Friday,” he ordered more than requested.

With brevity I didn’t feel yet I looked into his steel-grey eyes and said,

“Well, I don’t know. I need a sample of what’s to come. Will the date be worth my time?”

His lips turned up in an evil grin. Without a word, he stripped my clothes off and we fucked in the shower. We were soaping each other playfully when my sorority sisters entered, naked as well.

“Laura headed the pack as always and whispered provocatively,


She pounced on Erik and the rest followed suit. At that moment, I had a crucial choice to make. I thrust my hips against Erik’s hard thighs and devoured his lips saying,

“Let’s play.”

Erik adopted a confused grin that made me feel empowered, bold and brazen. Nothing had ever startled or shaken him before. He always seemed the epitome of control.

I grasped his shoulders in tandem with Sylvie pushing him to the floor. We all got a taste and then took everything he had to give. I admired his firm length in my grasp. A lesser man would have been fearful and flaccid at being attacked by so many girls at once. Erik didn’t flinch.

He bucked as we ground, his fingers snaked into my molten pussy while my lips moved to his stiff cock. I sucked, kissed and licked while even the shyest of my sisters touched, stroked and nipped until we all lay in a sodden, satisfied heap on the shower floor.

I lay in his arms smiling to myself and whispered, “Date? Really? Ya think you can handle it?”

Erik let go an uproarious laugh and nodded affirmatively. With that, we all borrowed his tiny towel, dried and dressed. As I turned away, I mouthed, “Call me!”

We left him there, still in an exhausted heap, as we returned to the locker room.

In a final, brazen moment of glee, I opened the shower room door and yelled,

“Wham bam! Thank you man!”

We filed out with my words echoing in the empty shower, mingling with with his laughter. It was a sound I enjoyed immensely.


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