Flasher Friday, Passion's Invocation

Flash Fiction Fridays

Welcome to Flasher Fiction Friday!


Every Friday we write flashes of 100 words

precisely inspired by a given picture.”

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What She Needed

Hot Guy 1-10-14

“Eric damned near had me,” Lindsey whispered infuriated, “I was practically half way down the aisle! I need…

Lindsey stopped short as the knowledge sank in that she didn’t know what she needed, or what it would take to get over her broken engagement and broken heart.

Instead, she put her Mazda in gear and gunned it to the freeway. She followed any signs headed south until road construction forced traffic to a crawl.

Then she saw him, heavy chains dangling around his muscular chest. The man was walking sex, sans wedding ring. Suddenly, Lindsey knew exactly what she needed.

By Wildfire8470

© copyright 2014-01-10 02:10:33 – All Rights Reserved

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21 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Fridays”

  1. Nothing heals a broken heart faster than the touch of a man’s hands. That was wonderful, Karen, clever, identifiable and charming………..Loved it ❤ xo

  2. Loved this. I hope she gets what she wants and has her desires fulfilled. She deserves a new fresh beginning. Can I borrow him afterward? 😉 great flash!

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