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Dymps Review’s Magical Night

by Karen A.Sullivan

Posted on March 5, 2013 by Dymps

MagicalNight_LRG - Copy (2)


Kay Maclachan cannot speak the words that she holds fast in her heart. Jim will not propose until she does, but he has a plan. He will treat his love to a night of BDSM and domination, teasing all of her senses, and driving her into a white-hot, sexual desire that begs for fulfillment. He will force her to say the words he needs to hear, and enjoy torturing them from her.



“Saying the words, ‘ love’ and ‘ trust,’ does not mean you understand the depth of their meanings.”

This is a great erotic short story and it delivers in all the ways it should! Kay thinks she has the upper hand , waiting for Jim to find her “naughty treat” for him, but Jim seems to have a surprise up his sleeve too! Though together for months at the time we meet them, Kay has yet to give herself to Jim completely, in the way he needs; her heart. Can she submit to him in the way he so desperately desires?

Karen Sullivan, with ease, pulls the reader into the story and especially into the character of Kay. She makes us feel her heightened sexual need, excitement and confusion and ultimately acceptance and unrelenting love and also the true depth of feelings Jim has for Kay. She introduces BDSM into the story allowing us feel the initial uncertainty and subsequent pleasure and emotion Kay felt because of the pressures put on her body. The BDSM nature of their relationship is shown in a positive, constructive light. I liked the raw descriptions of Kay’s thought processes, managing to come to terms with her feelings and releasing her past and in doing so gaining her freedom. I liked how Karen Sullivan manages to do so much within a few pages and I’m looking forward to more from her.

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THESUBCLUB received a copy of Magical Night from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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