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Ray Sostre, Of AfterDark Online, Interviews Julez S. Morbius…

And was kind enough to allow me to post it here.

Thanks Ray!

Interview from:

Author Interview with Julez S. Morbius

It is not often we find authors of transsexual erotic romance. It is very hard to find them around, and AfterDark Online is pleased to interview such an author – Julez .S. Morbius

1. Welcome Julez, and thank you for joining AfterDark Online for an interview. To get started, why don’t you tell the readers about yourselves?

Hi Ray, everybody. I am an engaged father of nine children, partially disabled with a lifelong hereditary condition and enjoy reading, writing, PS£ and PSVita gaming and sport

2. Tell us about your book from Naughty Nights Press Hots Shots ?


My last release was part of the Naughty Nights Press Naughty Hot Shots range called Top of the Class. It is a tale of a struggling college student and his lecturer, Ms Hamilton who is hiding a big secret.

3. What was the toughest part in writing the story, and how long did it take you to complete?

The toughest part is getting the first few words down on the screen. Once that initial stage is complete the rest of the story just seems to flow instinctively.

4. What other projects are you working on at this time?

I have been suffering total writer’s block as well as sheer exhaustion lately and writing has taken a back seat but I do have two started WIP’s that I want to make into complete stories. One is another Transsexual romance/ thriller the other something i have never written and that is a mistress/ slave story

5. How does your family and friends feel about your work, and what inspired you to write transsexual erotic romance?

My family are really good and encourage me to keep writing, even when I am having a difficult time.

The reason I write transsexual romance is because, after reading a number of stories which portrayed the trans person as nothing more than a sex toy to be used and abused and I wanted to show that, just like everyone else, Transsexuals are people just like you and I and want the same things, namely love, happiness, respect and equality.

6. To date, what has been the best advice and encouragement that you received?

Never give up, even when everything doesn’t seem worth it and to continue improving my writing style.

7. Have you had much interaction from your readers? How has your latest books been received so far?

Reaction has, on the whole been very positive but even when someone has criticized the criticism has been positive and very helpful and that is the type of criticism writer’s don’t mind receiving.

8. Do you have a favorite character in your stories?

My favorite character has to be Joe from my first release, Star Search. Joe, like me is a man who knows what he wants and will do anything, no matter how dangerous, to achieve his happiness.

9. What are three things about you that would surprise your fans?

Unfortunately, he didn’t answer. Maybe, he was a bit shy to tell us, lol, but hey, we love you Julez!

10. Where can people follow your work (social networking, websites, blogs, etc.)?

Naughty Nights Press



Julez, thank you for appearing on AfterDark Online, and good luck on your release. It would be nice to tantalize the readers with your excerpt. Is there anything else you would love to add?

Blurb for NHS – Top Of The Class

Have you ever had a teacher so hot you just couldn’t concentrate on the work? Were you in need of some “special” after-class instruction and discipline, perhaps?

Julian’s grades used to be at the top of the class in Psychology, but the new lecturer was the most distracting teacher he had ever encountered. Instead of concentrating on his studies, Julian spent his time in her class dreaming of all the things he wished he could do with her.

Ms. Hamilton also knew why Julian’s work had slumped, and keeping him back after class she dished out her special brand of punishment designed to teach him more then just a Psychology lesson.

Only, Ms. Hamilton was hiding a secret; a secret she knew she had to reveal. She just didn’t have a clue how Julian would react.

What is Ms. Hamilton’s secret? Will Julian’s grades improve?

Find out, as Julian begins a journey that reveals as much about him, as it does the beautiful, yet mysterious, Ms. Hamilton.

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