Dangerous Women

Do Me Or Die!

Do Me Or Die!

Kelsey was his submissive and his girlfriend. They were closer than any other couple they knew. They were so close, and their friends so envious, they no longer called them by name. Friends called them T.K., short for “Terrance and Kelsey,” she supposed.

After a year together, Kelsey found that their sex life was beginning to become somewhat routine, not dull – not ever dull, just a little perfunctory. She couldn’t bear to ever disappoint him. He was her world.

She loved that she could go to him with anything that troubled her in the slightest, and loathed that he was defiant and tight-lipped about the most intimate part of their lives. Terrance was strong-willed and stubborn in a paramount way.

Months passed with suggestions of counseling, Viagra, anything within her grasp, or even wildly outlandish ideas, spoken just for attention grabbers. He refused her at every turn, becoming defensive, as though he felt she was accusing him of being at fault. Kelsey knew it wasn’t his fault, but couldn’t relay that to him in any way that hit home enough to alleviate his train of thought.

Tonight, she decided to do something rash. Kelsey literally ‘dressed to kill,’ while Terrance was at work. She donned a new, sequined mini-dress, with stiletto heels, a barely-there thong, and no stockings.

Kelsey disliked all weapons, but tonight, she would turn the tables drastically. She picked up the empty gun feeling the weight of a weapon for the first time. She bought it at a local pawn shop, though she was still slightly fearful of it. This evening, she would be the aggressor, his dominant lady, and he would, hopefully, be her willing victim and submissive.  

She met him entering their home and hugged him with one arm behind her back, then gruffly pulled away ordering,

“Follow me.”

She grabbed his arm firmly, pulled him into the bedroom, and shoved him backward into a chair she had prepared with straps, ties, and cuffs. She wound a scarf around his eyes, which she knotted in back, and cuffed his wrists to the arms of the chair. Then, she poked the gun into his ribs and ordered,

“Do me or die!”

He was instantly hard but argued just the same,

“Baby, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Shut up,” she yelled as she tore his jeans off.

“Hey, is that gun real? Where the heck…”

Kelsey cut him off as she went to her knees and ran the barrel of the gun over his balls as she suckled his thickening cock. As she came up for air she replied,

“Better believe it!”

Terrance growled and Kelsey was relieved and excited. At least, he seemed to know she wasn’t really out to kill him… just thrill him. She felt a power she hadn’t known before and the heat between her thighs was almost unbearable.

She pulled off her own thong and straddled him, slowly lowering herself onto his hard shaft, as she moved the gun back to his ribs, poking him hard.

“Do me or die! You choose!”

With that order, he fucked her like it would be his last chance. His hips bucked wildly with a fervent passion she hadn’t felt in months. It was all new again.

She bit her lip as their groans mingled in the air. Terrance thrust his hips up and she ground down hard, just to pull up sharply, teasing him and taking charge.

She tore the buttons from his shirt with her teeth, like an animal taking its prey, and she felt every drop of that power as she dragged the metal gun across his now naked chest. She flicked the tip of her hot tongue over both of his nipples and then covered one with the business end of the gun.

They both went crazy on each other, until the fulmination of their lovemaking resulted in their simultaneous combustion.

Kelsey screamed her release softly as Terrance yelled, “Oh God, yeesss,” filling the air as he filled Kelsey.

Finally, his softening member throbbed and jumped in the silky, wet confines of her pussy, and she smiled wickedly. Kelsey realized that she would have to use the element of surprise more often.



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5 thoughts on “Do Me Or Die!”

  1. A woman who knows how to get her man cocked, locked, and ready to rock. But would the Marriage Counselors community approve of such therapy?

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