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Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser 3/12/2013: Eye Of The Beholder

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Keyhole Peeker

Margo moved into her apartment, happy to finally be back. She was a city mouse, born and bred.

She put the last of the kitchen glasses on a shelf and began to think of settling in for the night. She was restless but her mind was on her neighbor, Tristan McKay, who had volunteered to help her with the heavy lifting part of moving in.

He looked amazing in tight jeans and she was elated when he finally tossed his soaked shirt into a corner. His muscles strained as he lifted the couch and Margo was sure she could stand to see a lot more of him, clothed or naked,

“Well,” she thought, “Who am I kidding? Definitely naked,” and a Cheshire grin claimed her lips.

Hearing a soft thud at the door, Margo hugged the wall and made her way to the door. She peered into the keyhole to find him standing there, as though for some other purpose. Margo knew just what to do.

She put on sexy music and swayed while she stripped, slowly, maddeningly, deliberately, as she danced close enough to push the door open, grab him by the hair, and yank him inside.


By Wildfire8470

© copyright 2013-03-17 07:46:40 – All Rights Reserved

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