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Lilly’s Will

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Lilly’s Will

LillyLilly sat at her laptop feeling lost. She had always thrown herself into work, or run anywhere, to stay busy. Today, she had avoided thought, cleaning the already clean apartment. Twice, she paused to glare at the laptop,

“It taunts me,” she thought ruefully.

Days ago, she had site-hopped and found herself in a chat room called “The Hookup.” There, she met a man who occupied her thoughts all week. He asked questions that made her reach down deep to provide answers. He intrigued as well as frightened her.

Lilly couldn’t stop wondering if she should have accepted the date he proposed, and didn’t know if she would get the chance again.

Exhausted, she closed her eyes to will away both man and machine, but the laptop sat defiantly upon the table, refusing to vanish or self-destruct.

She finally caved, and returned to “The Hookup.”

Immediately, a chat box opened and she scanned the words carefully.

“Meet me. Saturday night at 8pm. The Corner Tavern. Take this one chance, Lil. If you don’t like me, I won’t try to keep you.”

Lilly hit reply and typed a response that even surprised her,

“Saturday, Corner Tavern, 8pm. Keep me.”

By Wildfire8470

© copyright 2013-03-23 13:04:31 – All Rights Reserved




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