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Her Dark Lord

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Poised For Variations


Kintra waited for him, poised on the bed as he had requested. She had bathed, spritzed light cologne on her wrists, and had her nails manicured and painted red.
She wore a lacy, black, peasant shirt, open, and tucked the diamond he gave her into her navel. He had given her the delicate thong with tiny diamonds too, which was to die for.


It was the first time she had been here alone. She didn’t snoop. Kintra was a firm believer that if you look for trouble, you’ll likely find it. She didn’t want to find trouble with her new man, ever.


For the first half hour, she watched the clock intently. After a while, she picked up a Variations magazine and began reading. The story seemed somewhat familiar. By the end, she realized why.


It was by “Dark Lord,” her Dark Lord! She planned to throw in some ‘variations’ of her own now.


Smiling, she put the magazine back where he had placed it, flattered that he had written about the two of them, and knowing that this night would be filled with fun, and a few surprises he’s not expecting.



By Wildfire8470 

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Dangerous Women

Do Me Or Die!

Do Me Or Die!

Kelsey was his submissive and his girlfriend. They were closer than any other couple they knew. They were so close, and their friends so envious, they no longer called them by name. Friends called them T.K., short for “Terrance and Kelsey,” she supposed.

After a year together, Kelsey found that their sex life was beginning to become somewhat routine, not dull – not ever dull, just a little perfunctory. She couldn’t bear to ever disappoint him. He was her world.

She loved that she could go to him with anything that troubled her in the slightest, and loathed that he was defiant and tight-lipped about the most intimate part of their lives. Terrance was strong-willed and stubborn in a paramount way.

Months passed with suggestions of counseling, Viagra, anything within her grasp, or even wildly outlandish ideas, spoken just for attention grabbers. He refused her at every turn, becoming defensive, as though he felt she was accusing him of being at fault. Kelsey knew it wasn’t his fault, but couldn’t relay that to him in any way that hit home enough to alleviate his train of thought.

Tonight, she decided to do something rash. Kelsey literally ‘dressed to kill,’ while Terrance was at work. She donned a new, sequined mini-dress, with stiletto heels, a barely-there thong, and no stockings.

Kelsey disliked all weapons, but tonight, she would turn the tables drastically. She picked up the empty gun feeling the weight of a weapon for the first time. She bought it at a local pawn shop, though she was still slightly fearful of it. This evening, she would be the aggressor, his dominant lady, and he would, hopefully, be her willing victim and submissive.  

She met him entering their home and hugged him with one arm behind her back, then gruffly pulled away ordering,

“Follow me.”

She grabbed his arm firmly, pulled him into the bedroom, and shoved him backward into a chair she had prepared with straps, ties, and cuffs. She wound a scarf around his eyes, which she knotted in back, and cuffed his wrists to the arms of the chair. Then, she poked the gun into his ribs and ordered,

“Do me or die!”

He was instantly hard but argued just the same,

“Baby, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Shut up,” she yelled as she tore his jeans off.

“Hey, is that gun real? Where the heck…”

Kelsey cut him off as she went to her knees and ran the barrel of the gun over his balls as she suckled his thickening cock. As she came up for air she replied,

“Better believe it!”

Terrance growled and Kelsey was relieved and excited. At least, he seemed to know she wasn’t really out to kill him… just thrill him. She felt a power she hadn’t known before and the heat between her thighs was almost unbearable.

She pulled off her own thong and straddled him, slowly lowering herself onto his hard shaft, as she moved the gun back to his ribs, poking him hard.

“Do me or die! You choose!”

With that order, he fucked her like it would be his last chance. His hips bucked wildly with a fervent passion she hadn’t felt in months. It was all new again.

She bit her lip as their groans mingled in the air. Terrance thrust his hips up and she ground down hard, just to pull up sharply, teasing him and taking charge.

She tore the buttons from his shirt with her teeth, like an animal taking its prey, and she felt every drop of that power as she dragged the metal gun across his now naked chest. She flicked the tip of her hot tongue over both of his nipples and then covered one with the business end of the gun.

They both went crazy on each other, until the fulmination of their lovemaking resulted in their simultaneous combustion.

Kelsey screamed her release softly as Terrance yelled, “Oh God, yeesss,” filling the air as he filled Kelsey.

Finally, his softening member throbbed and jumped in the silky, wet confines of her pussy, and she smiled wickedly. Kelsey realized that she would have to use the element of surprise more often.



By Wildfire8470

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Thursday Thrills, 3/14/2013: Half A World Away

Thursday Thrills 3/14/2013

Thursday ThrillsThis is a 100 – 1000 word challenge that you should accept as an opportunity to free write. No excerpts from published work or works-in-progress – Give your brain a workout.

Half A World Away

Piccadily Circus - the Times Square of London.

Ava knew that he was surrounded by photos he had enlarged to grace the elegant walls of his home. He had been to everyplace she could see in the paintings and pictures behind him. She also knew there were scads of women who would kill to be his girlfriend, his lover, or even just the recipient of his attention for a short while. Most of all, Ava knew she was one of the many… but, perhaps, a special one to Master Kane.

They used Skype almost every night. Though he was half a world away, she wanted to know everything about the personal world he lived in, and wished to re-experience Piccadilly and its shops with him. Once, he had lifted the camera to show her the view from his window. The neon signs and lights had her mesmerized, and longing to be there.

They met at Shaftesbury Monument Memorial Fountain. She was unaware that she was the subject of several photos he took that day, and had no clue about what he longed to do to her then and there. He had mailed her the photos just today; their one year anniversary of meeting.

They met when Ava was in Westminster on vacation. While she had always known that her’s was a submissive nature, she knew nothing of the BDSM world. Over the past year, Master Kane had shown, and taken Ava to, places she had never dreamed existed, but the place she liked best was in his arms. Still, she admitted to herself that subspace had been one worth revisiting over and over as well.

Though he had introduced himself as Dillon Kane, he was Master since their first night together. He had made it clear that theirs would be a Dominant/submissive relationship. She definitely hadn’t expected to be wearing his collar, but he had collared her in their first week together. Ava was fascinated by all of it, her surroundings, the sounds and smells, every emotion he awakened in her, until she had made the mistake of calling him Dillon.

He had arched one brow, ordered her over his knee, and hiked up her skirt without ceremony. Then he grabbed her red, plastic hairbrush and spanked her until her bottom nearly matched the hairbrush. Even as tears fell, Ava was filled with a heat that rushed from her cheeks to her center, making her beg for orgasm.

Master Kane had toyed with her then, dragging the flat side of the brush over her burning ass cheeks, making her wait and wonder while he asked,

“What do you call me, sub?”

“Master,” she whimpered, “Master Kane!”

Slowly he caressed the inside of her thighs until his fingers found her wetness. He drove his fingers into her with one hand, while the other smacked her red cheeks hard with the brush. Then he wound an arm around her waist to bring her down from tiptoes as he drove into her tightness more deeply. Finally, he scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the bed. They made passionate, incredible love all night long.

Ava sighed, picturing the disappointment she had seen in his eyes that night. She set up her camera and adjusted the Skype settings, knowing that she would give anything to even just have that single night back again.

By Wildfire8470

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**TallulahRose, you are very missed.

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Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser 3/12/2013: Eye Of The Beholder

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Keyhole Peeker

Margo moved into her apartment, happy to finally be back. She was a city mouse, born and bred.

She put the last of the kitchen glasses on a shelf and began to think of settling in for the night. She was restless but her mind was on her neighbor, Tristan McKay, who had volunteered to help her with the heavy lifting part of moving in.

He looked amazing in tight jeans and she was elated when he finally tossed his soaked shirt into a corner. His muscles strained as he lifted the couch and Margo was sure she could stand to see a lot more of him, clothed or naked,

“Well,” she thought, “Who am I kidding? Definitely naked,” and a Cheshire grin claimed her lips.

Hearing a soft thud at the door, Margo hugged the wall and made her way to the door. She peered into the keyhole to find him standing there, as though for some other purpose. Margo knew just what to do.

She put on sexy music and swayed while she stripped, slowly, maddeningly, deliberately, as she danced close enough to push the door open, grab him by the hair, and yank him inside.


By Wildfire8470

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Passion's Invocation

Sharon’s Treasure – Part 2

Sharon’s Treasure, Part 2


Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach


Sharon woke in the night to the sound of a surrounding storm. The driving wind and rain were awful and the lightning striking loudly all around was terrifying. She sat bolt upright with a soft cry.

Aiden reached to pull her to him hard. He wrapped his arms around her protectively and stroked her cheek with his thumb.

“It’s okay, Shar. I won’t let anything harm you.”

They were words she had wanted to hear all her life but, just now, she was so terror stricken she couldn’t imagine how he could promise such a thing. Then she curled into him, tangling her limbs with his.

She expected him to be angry at having been wakened from a sound sleep, and began her apologetic explanation, “I’m sorry Aiden. It’s been years since I’ve seen a storm this fierce,” she said weakly, with her voice trembling.

“Shhh,” he cut her off gently with two fingers over her lips,

“You have no reason to be sorry. Whatever it is that frightens you so, let me protect you.”

“But,” she began to argue when he interrupted, speaking softly, yet deliberately,

“If you want me to stand in torrential rain and shake my fists at the gods, demanding they cease and desist, I’ll do that for you… only for you.”

Sharon smiled genuinely in the darkness, relaxed into his embrace slightly, and whispered,

“How did you get so amazing and kind, Aiden?”

 “I make sure I care greatly for that which I value more than life,” he responded staring directly into her eyes.

Sharon lay in the protective circle of his arms until she realized that she must be dreaming.

“Nothing this good happens for real,” she thought, furrowing her brows.

Then a thought occurred and she knew what she must do. Softly, she removed one arm from his strong shoulders and reached down to pinch her thigh hard and yelped,


“What is it? What happened,” Aiden questioned, his voice filled with immediate concern.

Sharon rolled onto her back, laughing, kicking, and pummeling the bed, as she shouted joyously, “Nothing! I’m still Cinderella!”

With next to no understanding of what she meant, Aiden set about teasing her,

First, he pounced on top of her and stretched her arms above her head, smiling devilishly as he taunted,

“Its way past midnight and Cinderella has been a very naughty girl.”

“Oh really,” Sharon played along.

Aiden didn’t miss a beat, replying, “Oh yes, a very bad girl, that Cinderella! She missed curfew and the last pumpkin out of here! Now she will have to stay and be my love slave for-ev—er,” he said, drawing the word out for dramatic effect.

“How do you propose Cinderella make amends,” Sharon queried playfully.

Aiden pushed her wrists into the mattress, making certain she couldn’t run for the hills.

“I propose,” he started, and then paused, trying to figure out if she would bolt for the nearest exit.

“I propose several kinds of matrimony.”

Sharon’s jaw dropped as she realized this was no longer a game.

“I propose a union of souls that has only ever existed in books and fairytales. I propose that you marry me this Saturday at sundown, on Baker Beach, in the glow of the Golden Gate Bridge.”

 Aiden stopped and studied her face harder, trying to make out her expression in the darkness.

Sharon was stunned silent, wanting to scream, “Yes!” to the rafters, but couldn’t speak at all, so Aiden finished his thoughts,

“I’m proposing marriage to you Sharon, and here’s a new reference for you. I want us to be like Catherine and Heathcliff, in ‘Wuthering Heights.’ When we must leave this life, and if it’s separately, then I want us to haunt each other’s thoughts and souls until it drives us mad. I propose a union of our minds, spirits, and bodies, for as long as we inhabit them. I propose that you be my love slave and that I be yours.”

Sharon lay silent for some time, digesting all that he said and letting conflicting emotions run rampant in mind. Eventually, she pinched herself black and blue, then stopped and said,

“You forgot the classic fairytale ending. I’m afraid I can’t give you an answer without that,”

It was her turn to make an exaggerated sad face. Feeling filled with the devil, she leapt from the bed and raced for the door, teasing him as she ran,

“If you can’t figure it out, I’ll lead you a merry chase, Aiden Cullen!”

He was immediately hot on her heels, chasing her through the mansion. Finally, he caught her at the waist, lifted her against him, and kissed her deeply.

Still holding her at eye level, he smiled softly saying, “And I propose that we live happily ever after,” then carried her to the bedroom and made wildly passionate, sweetly demanding, unstoppable, love to her all night.

With every last ounce of strength spent on each other, Sharon laid her head on his chest, letting the steady beat of his heart calm her.

As they closed their eyes to sleep, Sharon whispered, more to herself than to him,

“Yes, I will. We will.”

Aiden kissed her face, her hair, and threaded his fingers through hers, and replied,

“Good night, Mrs. Cullen.”
By Wildfire8470
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Passion's Invocation, Tuesday Teasers

Lilly’s Will

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Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser

Lilly’s Will

LillyLilly sat at her laptop feeling lost. She had always thrown herself into work, or run anywhere, to stay busy. Today, she had avoided thought, cleaning the already clean apartment. Twice, she paused to glare at the laptop,

“It taunts me,” she thought ruefully.

Days ago, she had site-hopped and found herself in a chat room called “The Hookup.” There, she met a man who occupied her thoughts all week. He asked questions that made her reach down deep to provide answers. He intrigued as well as frightened her.

Lilly couldn’t stop wondering if she should have accepted the date he proposed, and didn’t know if she would get the chance again.

Exhausted, she closed her eyes to will away both man and machine, but the laptop sat defiantly upon the table, refusing to vanish or self-destruct.

She finally caved, and returned to “The Hookup.”

Immediately, a chat box opened and she scanned the words carefully.

“Meet me. Saturday night at 8pm. The Corner Tavern. Take this one chance, Lil. If you don’t like me, I won’t try to keep you.”

Lilly hit reply and typed a response that even surprised her,

“Saturday, Corner Tavern, 8pm. Keep me.”

By Wildfire8470

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