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Sharon’s Treasure (Part 1)

Sharon’s Treasure


Thurday Thrills - 02282013

Sharon arranged to go to an expensive club with her friend and neighbor, Maya, tonight. Maya just bought a brand new Beamer and was dying to be seen driving the luxurious automobile. Sharon accepted gleefully, knowing she wouldn’t have to drive. She rubbed her palms together as she planned on letting her hair down for once.

At times, she wasn’t quite sure why she and Maya had become fast friends. For all intents and purposes, they were complete opposites. Maya was very well off. Sharon barely made ends meet. Maya loved all things expensive and shiny. Sharon treasured family, friends, and love, above all else, but tonight she was willing to make an exception.

Maya was a wide-eyed, dewy-skinned girl who hid behind too-large sunglasses, lots of makeup, and hair dye, but she pulled it off. Sharon put on a dress that was to die for, with the perfect, matching clutch and heels. Both of them were beautiful in very different ways.

From the moment they found seats at the club, a man in the shadows sent Sharon a drink; a strong one. After three more rounds of the same, he moved from the shadows, self-assuredly, in a direct line to her. He was handsomely chiseled with strong cheek bones, and jet-black hair. Sharon noted that he was wearing a Charcoal Dolce and GabbanaSuit.

Though she lowered her eyes, he held out his hand to her asking,

“May I?”

She looked up all the way from his shoes, which were polished to a high sheen, to his handsome face.

“Ahhh,” she stammered until Maya pretended to adjust her position and pinched her hard on the thigh, “Yes, of course,” Sharon said dutifully.

He held her close on the dance floor. His lead was masculine and wonderfully fluid. She thought back to an occasion when she accepted a dance with a man who was stilted, and likened it to driving a truck.

Finally, he introduced himself,

“I’m Aiden. Very pleased to meet you uhhh,” he paused.

“Sharon,” she blurted, hardly believing he cared what her name was. She couldn’t help thinking that Aiden had chosen the wrong girl.

As the song ended, he dipped her effortlessly and then pulled her to him in a passionate kiss. Already, she was enamored of this man.

They embraced on the now empty dance floor when he finally propositioned her,

“Why don’t you join me for drinks and a night dip in my heated pool,” he asked.

She stood mute in his gaze, disbelieving that this man who looked and smelled so terrific was interested in her.

“But… I ahhh… came with my friend,” she stated resolutely.

Aiden turned to look just as Sharon did. Maya was surrounded by potential suitors, all of whom vied for her attention.

“Come on,” Aiden said, “Warm pool, good drinks, hot Jacuzzi. Are you really going to pass that up,” he asked with an exaggerated said face.

“Okay,” she relented, “Can you take me home a… aft…er,” she stuttered, suddenly realizing she didn’t know what, if anything, came after the pool and Jacuzzi.

Aiden called his chauffer to pull the car around. Sharon was impressed, feeling a little bit like ‘Cinderella,’ and hoping she wouldn’t feel like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ later.”

When the car stopped in front of a small mansion, she thought she might faint. All she could think was.

“Ohhh, I’m in way over my head.”

Seeing her deer-caught-in-headlights expression, Aiden gathered her into his arms.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, Sharon.”

He dismissed the chauffer and quickly led her thru the mansion, stopping only for drinks. She stifled a gasp when he flipped a switch and colorful bulbs lit the patio and pool.

Aiden showed her to a seat in a cushy, lawn chair until she finally stopped him,

“Wait. I don’t have a swimsuit,” she admitted, stunned that she hadn’t thought of that.

Aiden gently pushed her glass to her lips and said,

“Drink up. It makes no difference. I won’t wear one either.”

With that, he stood and pulled his clothes off.

Sharon inhaled her drink quickly and pinched her own wrist.

“Nope,” she thought, “Still Cinderella!”

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6 thoughts on “Sharon’s Treasure (Part 1)”

  1. I love the buildup to the story, especially Sharon’s lack of confidence in responding to Aiden’s requests. The romantic referrals to her as Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland set the stage for his magical attraction to her. I want to read how the dipping in the pool precedes.

  2. Hehe. Not midnight yet! I still have a bad feeling about Aiden and her night. If that wasn’t your intention, you might need to do more after his introduction to warm us. Make him half a step less intimidating. Great piece!!

  3. Holy shit! That was one hell of a piece there. I could get lost in your story, and I could only wish you expanded it even more. My gosh, you have got to expand this story, so I could see where it leads to. Great work!

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