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High Stakes Gambling

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Brindle planned her vacation with voracious excitement. It was seven years since her last.


“My last date, my last anything,” she thought.


Her sister had mentioned Las Vegas and Brindle leapt at the idea. Visions of luxury and room service whirled in mind until she picked up the phone and called her,


“Hey, sis! Let’s talk Vegas, baby,” Brindle laughed happily.


“Alright,” Fondra yelled, “and bring your online guy… the one that you met in a naughty chat room!”


Brindle hesitated. Jack had become more to her than she cared to admit. She craved him, craved his touch, craved time alone with him.


“C’mon, Brindle! Gamble a little!”


“Okay,” she acquiesced, “I’ll invite him, but this is high stakes gambling, sis,” she warned with trepidation.


The week began with fun and games. Brindle fell hard for Jake, and he for her, though they had been talking for a year already.


Fondra hated him on sight. She became a mean, constant, loud drunk. Brindle’s dreams of luxury and relaxation crashed down around her.


She spent days refereeing fights until she could take no more.


High stakes for sure,” she raged angrily, “I’m going to fix this,” she whispered determinedly.


Brindle grabbed Jake, reserved a different room, and changed her flight home. She was bereft, feeling as though she had lost herself, her sister, Jake, and anything she could have won.


By week’s end, she tossed everything behind her, letting the chips fall where they may.


By Wildfire8470

© copyright 2013-03-17 06:43:51 UTC – All Rights Reserved

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3 thoughts on “High Stakes Gambling”

  1. Love the imagery of letting the chips fall where they may in the setting of Vegas. Why did her sister hate Jake? Was she jealous? I would like to read more of this story.

    1. Since I’m not sure I want to write this story, I’ll just say yes, she was jealous in the extreme. The trip had it’s benefits and too many losses that had nothing to do with money.

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