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Whipped Cream, Handcuffs, and Strawberries

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Whipped Cream, Handcuffs & Strawberries

Kendal was nearly finished with the work week. She was stressed and heaved a sigh of relief when she finished just as the clock read 5pm. She shoveled the rest of her work into her briefcase, paying no attention to the chaotic mess. Since she had met Richard, all she could think of was one thing, seeing him.

“Well, okay, two things,” she amended her thoughts with a devious smile.

She pushed her chair back from the computer and stood to gather belongings. The weekend ahead was filled with promise, the promise of being in his strong, capable arms, being touched intimately by those dexterous fingers, being kissed by his perfect lips. It was everything she could do to get through the work days with her thoughts surrounding him.

As Kendal headed for the elevators, that meant escape to her, a coworker shoved an envelope into her hands.

“No,” she protested, “I have unbreakable plans!”

“Calm down now,” he said, “It’s not work. It’s a card addressed to you. It just arrived.”

“Oh,” she said, surprised anyone knew where she worked. Then she saw the photo tucked inside. Kendal pulled the card from the envelope mystified. Then she recognized Richard’s penmanship.

“Go to the Hyatt Regency downtown. Take a cab. Dinner and desert await. I’ll take you back to your car when I’m good and ready.”

Kendal all but bolted from the elevator when the silver door slid open. She ran to flag down a cab as she realized she suddenly had a craving for something sweet.

The weekend was filled with promise…

By Wildfire8470

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