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Slave To His Desire

Slave To His Desire

To almost everyone in her world she was “Steel Shark.”  Kasey smiled at the whispers behind her back. She was “Steel Shark…” to all but one.

She met Jack in a D/s chat room. It was an enjoyable online dalliance at first. Kasey hadn’t a clue that a few, short months later she would be completely in love with him. 
With her wrists cuffed behind her she knelt before him completely naked; his to do with as he wished. She wanted to belong only to him, not just with him. Tonight, he had collared her, claiming her as his own, and Kasey was elated.
She parted her lips and he pressed in. She swirled her tongue around him. Suddenly, he fisted her hair and yanked his cock from her mouth. 
“You know how to ask for what you want, Kasey.”
She opened her mouth but no sound was forthcoming.
Tell me what you want, slave.” 
“I want to pleasure you, Mmm… Master,” she blurted.
“And so you shall,” he replied, fisting her hair to drive his steely length down her throat, until he exploded.”
Kasey knew now, she is slave to his desire and it is all she had hoped for.

 By Wildfire8470




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