Earth Mother Meets Her Match


Forces of Nature

Janie partook in the college graduation festivities before packing and preparing for her flight to a new life. Once an awkward, skinny girl, she was now a force of nature. Friends described her as being filled with life, vim, vigor and inspiration. She was, in fact, very beautiful.

Janie smiled often and talked easily with anyone. She looked like a model, had an enviable eye for photography, a 4.0 average, and possessed the personality of an extremely dear friend. Janie’s closest friends called her Earth Mother. She could write her own ticket and did.

In the early a.m., she crept from her dorm to pile all her belongings into a cab, all but her precious camera. It was a permanent fixture, dangling from her neck through years of tests, parties, cram sessions, roommates and trials and celebrations. Wisely, she knew that life would hand her unique opportunities to shoot in the most mundane of days. She was never unprepared.

Janie sat quietly dreaming in the back seat of a cab, thinking of her destination and how exciting it would be to experience the USA and to join a team of journalists, reporters and photographers unequaled by any, in her estimation. She squirmed in her seat anxious to get there, to put her talent up against the tenure of the best and more than ready to prove herself.

She arrived at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and boarded the flight nearly buzzing with excited anticipation. Once airborne, she extracted a small radio and donned headphones. Janie stayed abreast of the news and breaking bulletins where she was headed.

There was news of terrible storms that spawned tornadoes while the death toll climbed. She deplaned in Missouri, found her luggage and hailed her last cab of the too long day still preoccupied. What, exactly, would the face of horror or terror look like?

Janie scolded herself for her dark thoughts, not yet noticing that the cab had slowed to a crawl, nor did she see the monster just beyond them chewing up a field and closing in, until a second later. Good God, it’s living evil, she thought as she sprang into motion,

“Wait,” Janie yelled, “Stop! I have to shoot this!”

“But, Miss,” He began urgently, “Do you know how fast it could…”

“Damn it! Stop the cab,” she ordered half jumping out to lunge for the tripod.

He slammed on the brakes uttering an oath as he leapt out and ran to catch her. He eyed the length of several football fields between the twister and Janie as it leveled everything in its path,

“Come back,” He shouted, “There’s no time! Come back!”

Janie set the wide-angle lens on auto-shoot as the driver ran to move the car to safety, muttering, “Crazy lady doesn’t care if she gets killed,” as he shoved it into reverse and floored the gas pedal hard.

Janie froze in fear, not realizing that the wind would whip her camera to capture the true face of terror locked in a single frame with the beast, before it closed the gap and claimed its prey.

The photo was her last ‘first’ in the news game and adorned a beautiful coffin at her wake. The picture was splashed across headlines by would-be co-workers, all of whom were in attendance that day.

But perhaps the most poignant words came from a lone cab driver who made his way from the back of the crowd, choking on tears. He laid a gentle hand on her photo whispering in his grief, “You were a beautiful force of nature, Janie. I wish you hadn’t met your match. I would have liked it to be me. Rest peacefully, sweet Janie.”

By Wildfire8470

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Forecast: Tuesday 8/12/2014


  Forecast for Tuesday, 8/12/2014


Brain Fog Guy

Total and utter brain fog
increasing in density
with a good chance of
zero-visibility brain fog
continuing through the night.
All avenues, in and out,
are closed for the duration.
Nevertheless, write recklessly
and with complete abandon.
Your pen knows how to
get you there safely!


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It’s Not About The Ring


The Ring



Julie squirmed in a lawn chair, facing her best friend, still wounded and angry that Brad didn’t respect her feelings.

Jerry was the only one she told her secrets to. He had never betrayed her trust so it was no accident that she would drive an hour to confide in him, rather than five minutes to be in the company of anyone else.

Jerry took a long drink of a cold beer noting that Julie looked like she was about to bust. He leaned forward to take her hand,

“What’s up, Jules?”

She threaded her fingers through his drawing comfort from his nearness, “He proposed, Jerry. My worst suspicion is confirmed. He had a ring.”

Jerry cocked his brow intrigued, wondering how she would answer. She was wicked-smart, had big dreams to fulfill and was clueless about men, “And?”

“And he doesn’t even know me!”

“Jules, come on now. He’s known you for years.”

It was horrible, Jerry! It was an enormous, gaudy diamond half as big as my fist! You know the sickening things that have happened to diamond miners and the wars in Africa. We have to make a start if it’s ever going to end. How often have I said ‘I’ll never accept a blood diamond?’”

“Yes well, there is that,” he offered, moving to the edge of her chaise, “What did you do, hit him over the head with a baseball bat, push him out of a speeding car, hire a hit man,” he asked, hoping to make her smile.

“I closed the box, pushed it away and said I would never want that ring! Honestly, he should know that by now. It’s obvious he doesn’t respect my convictions or me,” She turned tear-filled eyes away.

Jerry put a comforting arm around her saying, “Don’t worry, Jules. Brad is a good guy. He respects you.”

Julie sipped a strawberry wine cooler, sniffling as she asked, “You really think so?”

“Of course I do. This is just a miscommunication. Most people are all talk, but you live your convictions. He really thought you would want a traditional engagement ring, albeit an impressive one, but I think I can fix this.”

“Yeah? I think he’s gone forever,” She sobbed.

“No way. You just leave it to me. Now, go pick out a movie and I’ll things better,” He assured her, smiling at her youth, angst, ambition and fiery temper, thinking, Love is a bitch. It makes the most stable of us nuts.

Julie wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his forehead before hugging him to her. She rose and turned around while he resisted the urge to pinch her cute, little ass.

Watching her disappear into the house, he cleared his mind and hit the first speed-dial, “Brad?”


“It’s Jerry. Listen, buddy boy, it’s not about the ring,”

Brad cut him off anxiously, “It’s not? What then?”

“Like I said, it’s not about the ring, Brad. It’s the rock.”

“Oh man! Jerry, I knew that but it’s an engagement ring. It’s supposed to be a diamond. I guess. I fucked up royally.”

“No you didn’t. It’s love. There’s a reason they call it a sickness,” he chuckled, “We’re watching her favorite, sappy, chick-flick.”

“I should talk to her.” Brad said, more like a question than a statement.

“Trust me” Jerry grinned, “Not until after the movie. You owe me a beer, bud.”

“Jerry, I owe you a 12-pack. Thanks man, you saved our butts again.”

“Yeah, yeah,” He grinned, “Put it on my tab.”

Jerry pressed “End” muttering, And she’d beat me with a bat if she knew I helped you shop for it.

By Wildfire8470

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The Hard Way


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The Hard Way

Jazmine stared out the window reviewing her actions of late. I’m new to being His slave all the time, she thought, He should have accounted for that, but even she couldn’t let herself off that easily.

Sir Reginald had been patient with her, at first. Their first twenty-four hours had taxed her more than she expected. Still, Jaz was disheartened that he’d been so courteous their first night. He turned down the bed, snuffed out the candles and laid her gently on the bed. She lay in expectant anticipation imagining his large, rough hands seeking all the places that pleasured her beyond measure… until she heard him snoring.

She suffered through the next day with nerves causing her to lock her jaw. Sir Reginald was kind that she had slightly over-cooked the meal, which she served as graciously as she could, but he noticed her stilted gait and clipped responses through clenched teeth. He tried to explain that night, but she was strained beyond recovery,

“I wasn’t neglecting you, Jaz. I meant to give you much-needed rest,” He said without guilt.

“Rest,” she questioned with a screech, “You! You! You!”

Before she could find an appropriate expletive, He scooped her up and banished her to an empty room.

Even now she cringed, picturing herself lifting the milk pitcher and hurling it against the wall behind him. Milk splashed him, soaked the walls and shattered glass scattered, sticking to him and littering the floor. She knew this would take a grand apology.

“Total subservience. Absolute obedience,” she whispered to herself, moving to the door he had turned the lock on, “He must forgive me.”

She knelt leaning face-down prepared to accept her fate, knowing she deserved whatever he would do for punishment, I learn the hard way, but I do learn.


By Wildfire8470

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